Thank you for 1%


The end of the year is a good moment to summarize our incomes as an organization of the public benefit. According to the report received from the Ministry of Finance in 2018 we received a total of 31663,3 PLN from the 1% of income taxes for 2017. This makes us the leader of the 1% recipients among the organizations related to railway heritage. Thank you very much for your support.

According to the initial estimates, 13500 PLN from this amount became an initial asset for the grant of the Council of Łódź Voivodeship to repair the roof of the roundhouse and to cover the costs of the building inspection. Another 5000 PLN was a basis of the initial asset for the grant from the City Council of Skierniewice for track works. 13000 PLN was required for the emergency repairs of the main workshop roof. Still, that is not all. This year we plan to start repairs of the roof of the main office building of the Shed.


The death of Dariusz Podsiadły


With regret we would like to inform of the death of our colleague from Opole Lubelskie, Dariusz Podsiadły. He was a member of PARE from the early beginnings of the association. As a big fan of the narrow-gauge railway from his home town, he devoted his time to save the railway heritage as a volunteer of the Nadwislańska Narrow-Gauge Railway.

The funeral will take place in the parish church in Opole Lubelskie on 6th December at 11:30AM.

What’s up at the signalling exhibition


Starting from the summer vacations, we were continuing our activities as a part of the project Volunteers helping in the Engine Shed Skierniewice, which was sponsored by Tesco Poland programme You decide, We help. In the vote by the clients of Tesco, we reached the second place and received a grant of 3000 PLN. The main aim of our application was to continue the extension of the signalling exhibition. As usual the ambitious plans had to be slightly reduced due to the time and financial constraints.


The first object of our activities was a small lever frame from the intermediary signal box. Thanks to the assets from the programme, we were able to expand our back-room workshop with the tools. This sped up the further works and limited us the unnecessary trips to the main workshop. A major portion of the expenditures were high quality paints required to keep the renovated devices in good shape and look for long years.


The activities which started back in the winter, now got up to speed. We completed the renovation of signal levers and the block device. Both pieces of equipment required a total disassembly, thorough cleaning and repainting. After receiving the last coat of paint, they were mounted on their place on the lever frame. There is one more stage to be completed to make the device fully functional, that is recreating the electric circuits of the block device.


Some of the activities were carried out outside of the Shed. One of our volunteers created new charts for the exhibition, reusing the photos of the old charts but mostly creating them from scratch. The charts, describing the history and principles of signalling and railway traffic control devices were printed on a sturdy A2 boards. They will aid the visitors in understanding how each of the devices works.


Another aim of our project was to bring back to life a second five-aspect light signal present at the exhibition. The signal was probably a part of the training room in the shed Warszawa-Odolany. Due to the missing parts and faulty circuit, the signal was more of a place holder than an actual exhibit. Therefore, we decide to conduct the general overhaul of the device. The light chamber was cleaned from the old paint and repainted. We ordered the missing background plates and assembled the device. Our aim is to keep all of the devices functional. This is why, the signal received a new electronic control circuit, which allows displaying all aspects used on Polish railways.

We also expanded our collection of the railway signs – we bought brand new indicators W1 (distant signal indicator), W5 (end of shunting zone) and W11b (approach to the distant signal of electrified line).

The activities at the signalling exhibition are supported by Tesco Poland programme “You decide, we help”.


We concluded this year’s Open Days


On Saturday, 24th November, we opened the gates of the Shed for the visitors, for the last time in this year. 82 guests decided to visit us, including the pupils of the Primary School № 4 in Skierniewice, who delivered their greeting on the occasion of the Railwaymen’s Day. To sum up, this year a total of 5811 guests visited the Shed.

We would like to say thank you to all who visited us this year and invite you for the next season, starting 4th May 2019.

Invitation to the 15th tourist season in engine shed


Continuing the tradition, we would like to conclude this year by announcing the events calendar for the new year 2019.

  • We keep the monthly schedule of Open Days in the same form as in 2018. Starting from 4th May 2019 the admission to the Shed is possible between 11 AM and 3 PM with the last guided tour at 2PM.
  • We keep two lengths of the sightseeing route – guided tours at 11AM, 12 PM and 1 PM follow the shorter route, especially directed to the younger audience. The last tour at 2 PM allows the full sightseeing of the Shed.
  • The exact date of the Railway Night of Museums will be provided after coordinating it with other cultural entities in Skierniewice. The hours of the event are already set from 8 PM till midnight.
  • There will be no special open days for schools. Due to the high interest in this form of sightseeing we offer to contact us directly to schedule a special railway “lesson” – phone number 730 181 323.
  • The hours of the Open Day during the Festival of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables will be adjusted to the actual attendance of the guests. On Saturday, the admission will start at 1 PM, after the official parade in city’s centre and on Sunday, we will start earlier, at 11 AM. On both days, the sightseeing will conclude at 5 PM.
  • Photo days will take place every third Saturday of the month. On 15th June and 19th October, we are open from 12 PM to 3 PM, on 17th August – from 6 PM to 9 PM. The registration of participants and the admission will be possible only during the first half hour of the event.
  • During the Railwaymen’s Day on 23rd November we plan only one hour of sightseeing, starting at 11 AM.

We reserve the right to alter the published schedule.

Another grant supporting activities in the Engine Shed


On 19th November, the Foundation of Santander Bank Poland, announced the results of the IV edition of grant competition Here I Live, Here I Change. We are happy to report, that we received a support in the value of 5000 PLN for our project Volunteers helping in renovation of Skierniewice Engine Shed. This amount will be devoted for further activities aiming to improve the aesthetics of the Engine Shed, that we will continue in the spring of 2019.

We would like to invite all interested in helping us to contact us via email wolontariat@psmk.org.pl.

This year’s roof works completed!


On Friday, 16th November, a conservationist’s inspection of the repaired sections of roof above stands 21, 22 and 23 took place. The works completed by the building company Marbudex were worth total of 94751,49 PLN.

We were supported with the grant of 61600 PLN by the Council of Łódź Voivodeship as a part of public activity Revitalization and adaptation for museum the Engine Shed Skierniewice – emergency repairs of the roof above stands 21 to 23 of the engine shed from 19th century. The required initial assets in value of 20000 PLN were covered by our partner Freightliner PL. The remaining required cash was covered from the 1% of the income tax.

logo_promuje_lodzkie tablica_zabytki Wydrukuj


Class Tp3-36 now in Poznań


On Thursday 15th November, a steam engine class Tp3-36, which was one of the vehicles from our collection outside Skierniewice, made is safely from Zbąszynek to the Museum of Armoured Warfare in Poznań, where it will be our deposit. The engine made the trip on its own wheels pulled by a maintenance train. Thanks to the full devotion of the crew from our association, the engine had no issues to cover the 100km trip. After reaching station Poznań Wola, the engine was transported from the siding to the musuem near the Poznań-Ławica Airport.

dsc_0212 dsc_0216

Freightliner PL – our benefactor


There are partners that always remember about us, and support us each year like Freightliner PL (part of the american concern Genesee & Wyomng). This company sets the safety as its priority and was eager to help us in our strive to improve the safety of our guests by the renovation of the buildings of the Shed. The company donated 20000 PLN as initial asset for the final repairs of the roof of the main roundhouse, which will be further donated by the Council of Łódź Voivodeship. We are glad that we are not alone on our endeavours.


Summarizing the collection for transportation of class SR71-04


To fulfil our earlier obligation, we would like to summarize the assets collected to transport the maintenance vehicle class SR71-04. The collection totalled at 11850,50 PLN and the actual spendings amounted to 8549,39 PLN. Due to the fact that we tried to gather assets from a couple of different sources, we ended up with a surplus of 3301,11 PLN, which will be devoted for the renovation of the engine of this vehicle and to cover the costs of the technical inspection.

Incomes Amount [PLN] Expenditures Amount [PLN]
Zrzutka.pl 4237,00 Transportation costs by “Panas Transport” 7995,00
Donations by members of PARE 950,00 Zrzutka.pl fees 127,11
Donations by individual donors outside of PARE 1663,50 Costs of presents and their distribution to donors 427,28
Donations by legal entities 5000,00
TOTAL 11850,50 TOTAL 8 549,39
The transportation was supported by

silesiatransport fundacja_logo_rgb

and various individual donors.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for such a positive response and support to this action.