Concluding track works in 2018


In 2018, we were surprised by the donation of 20000 PLN by the City Council of Skierniewice to support repairs of the tracks in the shed. Together with the initial assets, we ended up with a record-breaking amount of 25000 PLN for this purpose. Together with a significant amount of stored track fittings we were able to plan quite extensive works aiming to resuscitate two of the most dilapidated tracks – № 12 and № 13 in front of the roundhouse.


Due to the weather conditions, we started the repairs at the end of March. We started with the track № 12. The track bed had to be reformed anew and the old ballast moved away for future sifting. Another stage was to resurface a layer of a fresh ballast. In the middle of May, we laid down new ties. Fortunately, we were able to reuse the old rails. Thanks to the invaluable help of Mr Jan Markowicz, and owner of a backhoe loader, we were able to carry out those works quickly and effortlessly.

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In the meantime, we were able to find a source of more concrete ties which were transported to the shed during the summer vacations. Some of the ties were used during this year’s works, and the remaining ones will be utilized in the future repairs.


The repairs of track № 13 were trickier. The rails were of a very old light type “8” and the amount of dirt made most of the fitting to rust away. This forced a time-consuming matching of fittings from our storage. The scope of remaining works was identical to those applied to track № 12 with the exception of old ties – there was hardly anything to remove, some ties completely rotten away leaving behind only a small depression below the rails. After initial works on both tracks were done, the tracks were regulated and stabilized with additional layer of ballast. The works were concluded with putting on place the heavy concrete pads which form a crossing through those tracks.

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Next year, if our funds allows, we plan to repair two more track in front of the roundhouse.


Track repairs were supported by

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

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