About the Association

Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts (PSMK) is a social organisation existing in Poland since 1987. Its goals are to:

  • promote the railway matters in Polish society;
  • support individual and social railway interests;
  • document the history of railway in Poland;
  • preserve railway relics.

PSMK co-operating with organisational units of PKP, National Service of Relic Conservation, publishers and film-makers, offering our historical knowledge and help in preservation of the material heritage of this very special piece of our civilisation that railway is.

The most important part of Association’s activity is maintaining our own museum located in no-longer used engine-shed in Skierniewice, listed in the Polish Register of Relics.

This objects’ traditions extend to the very beginnings of Warsaw – Vienna Railway before century and a half. Framework of some of the buildings on the site had appeared even 130 years ago. Therefore it is one of the oldest existing sheds that haven’t lost their primary functionality.

We have already collected a large number of items of great worth, various devices, cars and locomotives. Some of them are even 120 years old. Some of them are true rarities, like our mobile accumulator coach of Wittfeld system built in 1913, overhauled and brought back to service courtesy of Rolling Stock Repair Factory in Łapy, who sponsored the reconstruction.

Most of our cars and locomotives need to be overhauled. We never stop caring about our old buildings.

Our Association’s activity is based on voluntary work of our Members and material help from our well wishers – individuals and institutions appreciating our need of non-commercial activities in the cultural field. Our material foundation stems from membership fees and gifts from sponsors.

From our Members we expect engagement in our activities at the shed in Skierniewice, collecting new items, organisational actions and other, developed along with personal interests. If you would like to especially develop one particular sort of railway hobby (like modelling, railway travels or propaganda) within our Association, you’re welcome to become its advocate. Our organization is wide open for active people, engaged in the idea of popularisation of railway and preserving its traditions.

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