Repairs of the roundhouse roof finished!

Hala rewizyjna - dach cały On Tuesday, 16th December, took place the inspection of final in this year renovation works in the Shed. Inspection was carried out by conservationist officers and the representatives of the City Council in Skierniewice. Company “Marbudex” once again proved its trustworthiness – the repairs above stands 4 to 6 were finished flawlessly and on time. In this way, we have finished the replacement of the outer cladding of the roof. The works were possible thanks to the support of the City Council in Skierniewice (50 000 PLN) and donations from 1% of income tax for 2013. Total cost of the latest works amounted over 55 000 PLN.

Nevertheless, there is still some work to be done – the rebuild of the roundhouse’s skylight still waits for its part. Currently, we are completing the building documentation regarding the future repairs. We also plan to finish the repairs of the workshop’s roof.

Hala rewizyjna - dach przy dźwigu Hala rewizyjna - nowe poszycie

To sum up, the total cost of the roundhouse’s roof repairs reached 350 000 PLN.

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

To save from rusting away

Michał Jerczyński - Ocalić od zardzewienia On 9th December 2014 we took part in a symposium entitled “To save from rusting away. Conservation of Engineering Heritage – past and present”. Our colleague – Michał Jerczyński presented the paper “The need for national-wide conservation of railway constructions in regard of their historical significance and introducing the program for conservation of railway listed objects”. The symposium and the following panel discussion was organized by the Railway Museum in Warsaw, National Institute of Museums and Collections Conservation, Conservationist of the Mazovian Voivodeship, Department of Railway Transport, Polish State Railways and the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

Thank you!

It is the end of yet another record breaking year of PARE operation, so it’s time for summing-up. First of all we would like to thank to all those, who decided to support us with their 1% of income tax for 2013 – a total amount of 33 000 PLN, which we multiplied as starting assets of grants for projects worth 175 000 PLN. A major part of this amount, 165 000 PLN, was devoted to the roof repairs – a total of 900 square meters of roundhouse roof cladding went through a general overhaul. The remaining 10 000 PLN was spent for the repairs of the points in Shed’s shunting tracks.

Dach z dotacji MKiDN Dach - kanał 7   Remont kanałów 4-6

We also would like to express our gratitude to the sponsors of the rolling stock conservation works – in 2014 Freightliner PL has sponsored the relocation of the engine Ok1-266. PKP Cargo supported renovation works of the engine Ol49-4 and the beer refrigerator car. Tramwaje Warszawskie has been sponsor and contractor of reconstruction battery locomotive from 1928.

Ustawianie kotła Motocykle   Piwiarka - montujemy pierwszą ścianę

On behalf of the members and volunteers of PARE we would like to thank to all the sponsors.

PARE Sponsors in 2014

Roof repairs supported by:

1 procent podatku   Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego   Łódzki Wojewódzki Konserwator Zabytków   Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

Points and track repairs supported by:

1 procent podatku Urząd Miasta Skierniewice   Śrubena-Unia S.A.

Rolling stock renovation supported by:

1 procent podatku Freightliner   PKP Cargo S.A. Tramwaje Warszawskie

Continuing repairs of roundhouse roof

Remont kanałów 4-6 This year we broke all records in the number of renovation works and repairs of buildings in the Shed. During summer first repairs were conducted on the roundhouse roof above stands 1 to 3 (sponsored by National Heritage Ministry) and 7 to 9 (sponsored by the Łódź Voivodship Conservationist’s Office). Since mid-November, company Marbudex completes the repairs of the last 300 square meters of the roof above stands 4 to 6. This stage of repairs was possible thanks to the generous support of the taxpayers who offered their 1% of income tax to PARE as well as the City Council of Skierniewice which offered 50000 PLN to complete the required works.

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

Invitation to the Open Days in 2015

Afisz 2015 v1.0 The new calendar of events in Skierniewice Shed for 2015 is ready! We intend to keep the arrangements introduced in 2014:

  • The duration of Open Days (starting 2nd May 2015) will be held one hour longer – Engine Shed will be open to visitors till 3:00 PM and the last guided tour will start at 2:00 PM.
  • The Railway Night of Museums (16th May 2015) will be held till midnight.
  • Evenings in the Shed will take place irregularly – according to the availability of organizers and speakers – and will start at 8:00 PM.
  • Due to the weather conditions in November, the exhibition of contemporary rolling stock will take place during the Children Day.
  • We are also planning to celebrate the 170th anniversary of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad. Main events will take place in mid-June. Further details will be provided soon.

We reserve the right to change the schedule of the events.

The end of 2014 tourist season on Railwayman Day

Wystawa ŚK2014 Traditionally, we invited our fans to celebrate the Railwayman Day in Skieniewice Shed on the Saturday closest to this holiday (this year on 22nd November). We prepared attractions for all our guest – tourists, as well as the retired employees of Skierniewice’s Shed. A part of the event was the exhibition of contemporary rolling stock – diesel engine class SM31-088 from PKP Cargo, catenary maintenance train of type PS.00-23 from PKP Energetyka and emergency service vehicle “Unimog” from PKP PLK.

ŚK2014 - PS00-23 ŚK2014 - SM31-088

At 12 o’clock a special event took place – battery shunter AEG 4184 from 1928 was presented for the first time to the public after its renovation sponsored and carried out by Warsaw Trams.

ŚK2014 - Wjazd AEG   AEG odsłona

ŚK2014 - Odłonięcie AEG   ŚK2014 - AEG

As each year, we were visited by the pupils of Elementary School № 4 and scouts.

Thanks to one of our visitor – the owner of YouTube channel Filmy Mariusza – those who could not visit us can have a glimpse at the events on this day.

In the afternoon a meeting for retired employees of the Shed took place.

On this day we were visited by 230 people, closing the 2014 tourist season with a total of 6100 visitors. Some of our guests took the opportunity to travel back home free of charge thanks to the special offer provided by Przewozy Regionalne. Catering was provided by Atmosfera pizza house.

A service for railwaymen’s benefit took place on Sunday, 23rd November at 12.30AM in St. Jacob’s Church in Skierniewice.

Media coverage

Głos Skierniewic   Skierniewickie.pl   TV Skierniewice     Radio RSC


Przewozy Regionalne   PKP Cargo S.A. plk_new PKP Energetyka, logo Lotos Kolej

Invitation to the Railwayman Day

On 25th November fall the day of the patron saint of the railwaymen – St. Catherine of Alexandria. From this occasion we would like to invite our fans to visit the Skierniewice Shed during the Special Open Day on Saturday, 22nd November, from 11.00AM to 2.00PM

Święto Kolejarza 2013, SM42-223 i wagon konferencyjny 508A
  • 11.00AM to 2.00PM – exhibition of the contemporary track repairs rolling stock, exhibition of railway traffic and safety devices
  • 12.00AM to 12.45AM – presentation of the two new exhibits from the PARE collection
  • Starting 1.30PM – meeting for retired railwaymen (private event).

Free admission!

We would like to remind that during this open day, due to the ongoing roof repairs, there will be no sightseeing of the roundhouse’s interior.

Catering for the visitors will be provided by Atmosfera pizza house.

Przewozy Regionalne has prepared a special deal for all the visitors of Skierniewice Engine Shed on that day. One can travel back on this day to his departure point without a charge after having the one way ticket stamped with the stamp of PARE (more info at the entrance to the Shed).

A service for railwaymen’s benefit will take place on Sunday, 23rd November at 12.30AM in St. Jacob’s Church in Skierniewice.


Głos Skierniewic   Skierniewickie.pl   TV Skierniewice     Radio RSC


Przewozy Regionalne   PKP Cargo S.A. plk_new PKP Energetyka, logo Lotos Kolej


To save the Old Powązki

Kwesta 2014 (GM) The collecting group: M. Balicka, J. Kurowska Ciechańska, A. Karczmarczyk – SKM , J. Kaźmierczak , P. Mierosławski, M. Moczulski, A. Paszke, W. Sitkiewicz – WKD.
Fot. G. Moczulski

During the two days of the 40th collection at Old Powązki Cemetery, devoted to save the monuments of this necropolis, more than 245 thousand złotys was gathered. The collection was held by 250 volunteers 6 of them were members of PARE and invited guests from SKM and Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD). This collecting group was the most distinctive – each of the collectors was dressed in historical railway uniforms. The collection lasted from 10.00 o’clock till dusk on the All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Traditionally, one could find us by the restored grave of engineer Stanisław Wysocki, the builder of the Warsaw-Vienna railroad.

Kwesta 2014 (JB) Collectors were visited by the President of the Committee of Powązki Restoration, J. Kisielewski.
Fot. J. Brykowska

Offerings were also collected to the money box by the grave of Jerzy Waldorff, the originator of the collection. Thanks to his efforts, over the 40 years more than 1300 historical graves were restored.

After the collection, Marek Moczulski and Maria Balicka were interviewed by the Radio RDC.


Another subsidy for roof repairs

Dach - kanał 4 Several weeks ago we reported that we are waiting for results of two subsidy competitions to which we applied for assets for further roof repairs. On Friday, 24th October the City Council of Skierniewice approved the result of one of them assigning to PARE 50 000PLN for repair of 300 sq. meters of roundhouse roof! There’s only a couple of documents left to be filled in and with the beginning of November we can start the works on the roof above stands 4 to 6. Therefore, in next years a whole interior of the roundhouse will be available for visitors.

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

Invitation to a walk at Old Powązki Cemetery

From 2007 PARE organizes on 2nd November the walk on the route of graves of famous railroaders at Old Powązki Cemetery. This year we would like to visit the graves of people who contributed to the development of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad and famous railroad architects. Group meets by the gate of St. Honorata at 11AM. The guide will be dressed in historical railway uniform.

Kwesta na Starych Powązkach, 2013 We are also taking part for the fifth time in the All Souls’ Day collection organized for 40 years by a Jerzy Waldorff’s Committee of Powązki Restoration. You can find us by the grave of engineer Stanisław Wysocki (catacomb alley) or by the grave of Władysław Stanisław Reymont. We will be accompanied by our collegues from SKM and Warsaw commuter railway. You can easily recognize us, as we will be aslo dressed in railway uniforms.