Rules of sightseeing in the locomotive shed during the “Open Days”

In order to ensure safety during the “Open Days” all Guests of our locomotive shed must apply to the following rules.

  1. Participants of sightseeing are required to obey these rules.
  2. Persons participating in sightseeing of the locomotive shed complex in Skierniewice Łowicka 1str., are obliged to: behave in a way that does not threaten the safety of other persons present at the area and follow the principles of safety and order, as in a public place. In particular tourists must obey, the prohibition of:
    1. bringing and possession of alcoholic beverages,
    2. bringing and possession of dangerous items, combustible materials, narcotics or psychotropic substances,
    3. bringing and possession of liquids and drinks in glass containers or metal tins,
    4. bringing inside the complex dogs and other animals,
    5. riding bikes and other two-wheelers on the object area.
  3. Persons under the influence of alcohol are not allowed and will be removed from the area of ​​locomotive shed.
  4. Organizers and their services have the right to refuse entry to or remove from the site person who does not observe the rules.
  5. All motor vehicles, except those authorized by the organizer will not be allowed to enter inside the complex.
  6. Participants of sightseeing are required to respect private and public property and keep order around themselves.
  7. Parents and caretakers are required to ensure the safety of their children. Children under the age of 13 can visit the locomotive shed when accompanied by an adult taking responsibility for them.
  8. Sightseeing of the object takes place under the care of the guides (the representatives of the organizer) in the close-knit groups up to 30 people per one group.
  9. Participants of sightseeing are required to absolute following the precepts and commands of the organizer (guides of the groups), and in case of extraordinary events, to follow instructions provided by them.
  10. Within the area of locomotive shed, total ban on smoking tobacco is in force.
  11. Furthermore prohibited are:
    1. entering the tracks not secured with concrete plates outside the area of rolling stock exhibition (if the exhibition is arranged),
    2. entering areas that are not designated for sightseers,
    3. running and crossing the way of moving rail and road vehicles just in front of them,
    4. throwing any objects,
    5. detaching from the group and moving freely around the area.
  12. During visits in locomotive shed complex it’s not allowed to carry any trade business or gastronomy, not agreed previously with the organizer,
  13. During visits in locomotive shed complex it’s not allowed to carry any: cash collections, advertising, promotion, campaigning etc. not agreed previously with the organizer of the event.
  14. Organizers order and information services have IDs.
  15. To maintain order the organizer cooperates with the Police, Municipal Police, and the Railway Protection Force.
  16. In the event of matters of dispute, not regulated in foregoing rules, the organizer takes decisive and final decisions.
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