Goods van from Piotrków Trybunalski rebuilt


Two and a half year ago we informed about the complex operation of saving two goods vans from the former control point of the defunct Piotrków Trybunalski Shed. We found by surprise, that for over 25 years, both vans were supposed to be our possession. After clarifying the ownership, one of the cars of Prussian origin was send to Kraków to be renovated and later to become a technical monument. Despite the fact that we did not write anything about the further fate of this car, it is a high time to report on its current whereabouts.


Just to recap, a company Radionika sp. z o.o. from Kraków – producer and distributor of railway communication devices, become our partner in saving of the cars. As their intention was to display one of the vans as a monument at the entrance to their factory, they took the responsibility for the general overhaul of the vehicle.

The van was transported directly from Piotrków to the workshop of PKP Intercity in Kraków-Prokocim. The workshop was an ideal place to carry out such a complex renovation. Thanks to the initiative of the director of Radionika, a replacement axles with complete axle boxes and 4 buffers fitting the old style cars were acquired. It was decided, that the car will be rebuild with the original equipment allowing for troops transport – a special holder to mount temporary benches and a roof exhaust for a temporary heater.


At some part of its history, the van was equipped with a full breaking system. Due to the lack of original parts, we decided to skip on recreating of this piece of equipment. The car received markings typical for the mid-1939. The renovated van was transported by road and put on a section of track in front of the main office of Radionika in Kraków (Życzkowskiego Street 12). It will underline the railway background of the company.

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