Another Hungarian car identified.


Thanks to the cooperation with Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transportation we managed to identify one of the Hungarian box cars from our collection. As the producer’s plate was missing, basing only on the claims of the previous owner, we thought that the car was built around 1893. We were able to verify this presumption after we found the serial number of the car. The initial number, given by the Royal Hungarian Railways (MAV – Magyar Királyi Államvasutak) was 123 717. Thanks to this, we found out that the car was built between 1896 and 1902 (probably in 1898) by Ganz & Co works from Budapest and was subscribed as a standard type XVB1, Grn series designed in 1891.


Around 6700 cars of this type have been built by various manufacturer – the mentioned Ganz & Co, Ships and Machines Build Works from Budapest, Györ Works, Schlick Wagon Works in Budapest and Janos Weitzer Wagon Works in Arad (currently in Romania).

Ending another year of our activity…

… so its time to sum up the most important works and thank to all the supporters without whom many of our actions would not be possible.

Traditionally, the most important part were the repairs of the old buildings. In 2015, after three-years break, we managed to obtain a financing sufficient to rebuilt the oldest part of the shed, the so-called “Łowicz annex”. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage provided for this purpose 100000 PLN. It was the biggest fund PARE has ever received but the only one we had this year (despite five other requests). The total cost of the rebuilding works reached 140000 PLN. The remaining money were obtained from own sources (the 1% from income tax – most of the 27000 PLN received in 2015) and the donation from PKP Group.

przybudowka_belki Przybudówka - prace ze spychareczką (2) Przybudówka łowicka - konstrukcja szalunków Przybudówka strop 1 piętra   dsc_9704 dsc_9701

The donation of the City Council of Skierniewice (7000 PLN) was devoted for preparing the documentation required for further adaptation of the Engine Shed as a museum and cultiral facility.

Rolling stock conservation works in 2015 concentrated around the rebuilding of beer refrigerator car from 1912. The required resources came from 1% of income tax and donation of PKP Group.

Piwiarka - 4 ściany 2015   natrysk SONY DSC

On behalf of members and volunteers of PARE we would like to say a big thank you to allour supporters and sponsors.

PARE sponsors in 2015

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego Urząd Miasta Skierniewice fundacja_logo_rgb_bezpola

Freightliner  1 procent podatku

Conference „To save from rusting away”


During the anniversary of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad we co-organized or took part in many different events.

The 3rd Conference „To save from rusting away” organized by the Railway Museum in Warsaw and Masovian Voivodeship Conservationist Office took place on 25th November, in Żyrardów’s Aparthotel Old Spinning Mill (actually placed in the old linen factory).

The conference was devoted to the history of WVR, its material heritage and its conservation. PARE was represented by Michał Jerczyński, who gave a speech “The Architecture of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad – development and problems of preservation”.

o-historii-kolei-w-zakladach-lniarskich-przypomina-parowoz-bezogniowy It was not a coincidence that the event took place in Żyrardów – a city, which history is strongly connected to WVR.

After the panel discussion participants could visit the newly organized Linen Industry Museum, created and maintained by volunteers in the remaining objects of Żyrardów’s Linen Factory. Most of the exhibits is the original equipment from the last years of factory operation. Similary to Skierniewice Engine Shed, the interior and machines of the Museum are slowly brought back to life.


After the Railwaymen Day


On Saturday, 28th November we invited our fans to the last in this year Open Days in Engine Shed, this time on the occasion of Railwaymen Day. Due to the ongoing track works on the neighboring railway station, the event was much more modest than in previous years, mostly because of lack of the exhibition of contemporary rolling stock. Nevertheless, despite the unpleasant weather, we were visited by 150 guests. As each year, among the visitors were the pupils of Primary School № 4 who handed us the wishes and gifts addressed to all railwaymen.

swieto-kolejarza_okladka swieto-kolejarza_zyczenia

On Sunday, 29th  November at 12:30PM a mass for railwaymen benefit took place in St. Jacob Church in Skierniewice.


PARE becomes a member of Regional Touristic Organization


On 27th October our association have became a member of the Regional Touristic Organization of Łódź Voivodeship, with which we cooperate since several years. Simultaneously, this act underlines the important role of Skierniewice Engine Shed as a major point on the regional map of postindustrial touristic attractions.

All Souls Day Collection


Since 1975 Social Committee for Restoration of Old Powązki Cemetery collects money on 1st and 2nd November to save the historic graves at this cemetery. More than 250 people from the world of culture, science and politics took part in this noble event. Members of PARE also joined the collection accompanied by the representatives of railway companies: SKM, WKD and PKP PLK. The eight volunteers conducted the collection near the grave of Stanisław Wysocki. This year’s collection was really successful and totaled to nearly 215 thousand zlotys.

15-10-31-kwesta-fot-grzegorz-moczulski 15-11-01-kwesta-fot-marek-moczulski

All Souls Day walk at the Old Powązki Cemetery


On behalf of our Association, Maria Balicka and Marek Moczulski would like to invite you to the traditional All Souls Day walk on the trail of famous railway men at the Old Powązki Cemetery. We will meet by the gate of St. Onorata on 2nd November 2015 at 10AM. The walk will take approximately 2,5 hours, we will visit the graves of Władysław Stanisław Reymont, Władysław Podkowiński, Wacław Sieroszewski, A. Janowski and Leopold J. Kronenberg.

A new event calendar for 2016!


It became a tradition that we are publishing event calendars for coming year long before it starts. This time we encourage you to get familiar with the attractions we are planning for 2016. Additionally, we would like to inform you, that:

  • we are keeping the longer hours of Open Daysstarting from 7th May 2016 one can visit the Engine Shed till 3PM and the last guided group departs at 2PM;
  • the hours of Railway Night of Museums (21st May 2016) also stay unchanged – guests may visit us from 8PM till midnight;
  • due to usual rainy weather in November, the exhibition of modern rolling stock is permanently moved to the Children’s Day.
  • Due to the increasing number of special events for photographers, we decided to quit on improvising and put the open-air photographing events into constant schedule – enthusiast of photography may visit us every third Saturday of the month between 12AM and 3PM, starting from 18th June and concluding on 15th October. Additionally, on 20th August a special photography evening will take place from 6PM to 8PM. Participants can register and enter the Shed only during the first half of hour of the event.

We reserve the right to change the events schedule.

Another tank car in our collection


For 20 years we were waiting for opportunity to obtain this unique vehicle – a four-axle American tank car from 1944. Unfortunately, for long years the car was outside of our reach – it was staying at the sidings of Siekierki power station and was used as a storage for transformer oil. During the changes of the facility owner in 2000 and 2010, the tank car together with other rolling stock from power plant became the possession of DB Schenker Rail Poland.


At this point, we decided to get back to the topic and actually obtain the car to our collection. After several years of negotiations we bought the car for a symbolic fee. The last task was to transport the tank car to our shed. Due to the heavy wear of the couplings and bearings, and short term of reclaiming we had to resign from the most preferred way of moving the car – namely on track. Once again, we had to ask for help the specialists of heavy load road transportation. A special road platform arrived at engine shed at night 15th/16th October and in the early morning the tank car was standing back again on tracks.

dscf2345www dscf2348www

We would like to thank to

  • management and employees of DB Schenker Rail Polska SA for favorable response to our request to obtain the car,
  • employees of Siekierki power station (PGNiG Termika SA) for help in loading the vehicle,
  • employees of company “Panas” for professional transportation and unloading services.