Thank you for 1%


The end of the year is a good moment to summarize our incomes as an organization of the public benefit. According to the report received from the Ministry of Finance in 2018 we received a total of 31663,3 PLN from the 1% of income taxes for 2017. This makes us the leader of the 1% recipients among the organizations related to railway heritage. Thank you very much for your support.

According to the initial estimates, 13500 PLN from this amount became an initial asset for the grant of the Council of Łódź Voivodeship to repair the roof of the roundhouse and to cover the costs of the building inspection. Another 5000 PLN was a basis of the initial asset for the grant from the City Council of Skierniewice for track works. 13000 PLN was required for the emergency repairs of the main workshop roof. Still, that is not all. This year we plan to start repairs of the roof of the main office building of the Shed.


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