Big and small railway during the Children’s Day in the Engine Shed


This year’s Children’s Day in the Engine Shed (2nd June) was full of attractions directed both to the youngest and the adult fans of railways. It was possible thanks to the multiple partners that collaborated with us in the organisation of this event.

The main point of interest on this day was located in the old workshop, which was dominated by a miniature railway. On side of the workshop was occupied by a modular layout in H0e scale by the Independent Railway Model Project. At the distance of several meters a stretch of narrow-gauge line was painstakingly recreated. Pleasant to the eyes was the recreation of Polish rolling stock and the surroundings of a climatic local line.

Opposite side of the workshop, at the stand of PIKO company, the youngest visitors were offered the possibility to learn how to control a G-scale model and have a look on the new offer of Polish rolling stock models in much smaller but more popular scale H0.

img_0409 img_0446 img_0526

More attractions were awaiting outside. Visitors were excited with the possibility to look at from outside and inside (and even take a short trip in) the modern emergency, road-rail vehicle from PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., This large vehicle was accompanied by a smaller, but still proudly representing its duty, van of Railway Guards. In the meantime, PKP Cargo S.A. set up a stand where the youngest guests of the Engine Shed could participate in competitions and games regarding railways.

mdsc_3528 img_0491 img_0489

Of course, we did not forget about the traditional forms of sightseeing. A portion of the roundhouse was opened for visitors, where the could see the most precious vehicles from our collection, e.g. the battery motor unit Wittfeld and a renewed steam engine class Ol49-4. As always, the biggest attraction was the exhibition of railway signalling and traffic control, where the visitors could learn about the different devices ensuring a safe movement of trains and have a glimpse on the mysterious signals that each train driver must know.

As the time spend in the Shed might make some visitors exhausted and hungry. Atmosfera Pizza-house responded to their needs on the gastronomical stand. At the end of the day, those travelling by the ŁKA trains could travel back for free after receiving a special stamp on their train ticket.

We area happy to report that the amount of the attractions really boosted the attendance of visitors. On that day, precisely 590 guests visited us. We would like to express our gratitude to the partners that contributed to this result.



PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA   PKP Cargo S.A. lka   Bolimowski Park Krajobrazowy   atmosfera   12628509_1002189486485762_3449211832917839950_o     logopiko     makiety-i-dioramy-kolejowe

A walk on the Old Powązki Cemetery


On the 173rd anniversary of opening of the first stretch of Warsaw – Vienna Railroad we would like to invite you to the annual Walk on the Old Powązki Cemetery on 14th June. We meet by the St. Onorata gate at 2PM. Our colleague, Marek Moczulski will start the meeting by the grave of Stanisław Wysocki (the main constructor of the WVR) and then guide the walk along the route of the graves of famous people related with railways.

Free admission.

The 9th Railway Night of Museums


The 9th Railway Night of Museums is already the past. Despite the force majeure made the preparations much more difficult, the event took place on 19th May as planned. We were visited by a decent number of 576 guests, taking into account a major competition of other facilities prepared for this event in Skierniewice. This edition of the Night of Museums was also a good opportunity to make some observations and plans for improvements and new attractions for the next year.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Łódź Metropolitan Railway (ŁKA) which prepared a special offer for the guests of the Shed allowing the to return for free to their departure point. We would also like to thank to Atmosfera Pizza house which provided the catering during the event.

To all those who visited us we would like to say “See you in a year”. For those who were not able to join us this year, we publish a couple of photos from the event.

dsc_0264 dsc_0265 dsc_0270 dsc_0273 dsc_0274 dsc_0284 dsc_0307 dsc_0303 p_20180519_202123 p_20180519_204338

We took part in the 1st Meeting of Railway Modellers in Żyrardów


On the invitation of the colleagues from the Independent Railway Modelling Project, on 12th and 13th May we took part in the 1st Meeting of Railway Modellers in Żyrardów. It was a great opportunity to promote the Shed in the city which is and actual neighbour of Skierniewice. Visitors could not only learn more about the history of our Shed but also obtain promotional materials of our colleagues from the Association of Upper Silesia Narrow Gauge Railways which takes care of the Bytom – Tarnowskie Góry Railway.

We would like to express our gratitude to the hosts of the event and see you soon in Skierniewice.

dsc_0467 dsc_0504

Continuing the track repairs


We reached the semi-finals of the repairs of the track № 12 leading to one of the stands of the roundhouse. The works are supported by the City Council of Skierniewice. So far we managed to resurface the track bed, remove the old ballast, which requires sieving and cleaning and prepare a fresh layer of ballast. At the beginning of May we laid new ties (actually recovered from other railway but in good shape). Next we put the rails on their target positions.

p_20180407_164734 p_20180414_093324 p_20180414_114701 p_20180414_121317


This job would took us much longer if not for the help of Mr Jan Markowicz, the owner of a backhoe loader which is irreplaceable in this kind of work. Except the dismantling and repair of track № 12 we managed to collect more regenerated reinforced ties which arrived in the shed during the long weekend. We will need them during the oncoming repairs of other parts of our track layout.

p_20180428_102357 p_20180428_115140 p_20180512_104237 p_20180428_161004


We still need to fasten the rails, level the track and stabilize it with the ballast. Part of those activities will be completed in the upcoming weeks but the ballasting will wait till autumn. In the meantime we will start repairs by the neighbouring track № 13. This one may pose some challenges as we will need to fasten a lighter rails of type “8” to concrete ties devoted for heavier rails.

Below is a time-lapse taken during one of the repair days. Enjoy!

We participate in Tesco competition – “You decide, we help”

Malowanie podstawy

Dear Fans and Visitors.

For the second time we managed to find ourselves in the finals of Tesco Poland competition “You decide, we help” – this time as the only representative from Skierniewice. Therefore we are looking forward to the votes of the citizens of the city upon Łupia river. This year, every participant will receive some form of gratification, so the stakes are high. Voting for our project: Volunteers helping in development of Skierniewice Engine Shed will end on 4th June.

What will we do with the prize if we receive any prize from the competition? The prize for the 1st and 2nd place will be enough to improve our exhibition of railway signalling and traffic devices. We would like to refresh the exhibition room, repair more exhibits and add more interaction to it. The aim is not only to make it more attractive to the regular visitors but also more useful e.g. for the students of Skierniewice railway school.

You can cast your vote in the following Tesco shops:

  • Ułańska 12, Łowicz,
  • Lelewela 8/10, Skierniwice
  • Reymonta 25, Skierniewice,
  • Czesława Liska 1, Skierniewice
  • Wójtowska 2D, Sochaczew

14th season of Open Days in Engine Shed has begun!


The first of this year’s series of Open Days was one of its kind. Usually, we report the significant attendance of visitors during the events which bring much more people to Skierniewice – the Night of Museums or the Festival of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables. This time we broke the record of attendance during the classic Open Day when the Shed is the only target for tourists. On 5th May 607 people has visited us. We are also glad to report that the sixth of this number took advantage of the special offer for free return by Łódź Metropolitan Railway (ŁKA). Thank you!

dsc_0487 dsc_0491

Another trip to Czechia


From time to time we travel across the border to see how others deal with their railway history and to have a break from our own renovation activities. Our usual direction is Czechia due to the language similarities and the fact that that some of us just fell in love with this country. The common travels are also a form of gratitude to our most active volunteers.

During the weekend of 21st and 22nd April we took part in an excursion to the directly neighbouring with Poland Moravian-Silesian province. Our first target was the still operational Třemešná ve Slezsku – Osoblaha narrow-gauge railway. For the younger generation of our volunteers it was paradoxically the first exposure to a narrow-gauge railway still doing its normal work – carrying passengers and goods all year round for the benefit of the local small towns. By the way we could see our colleagues from Slezské zemské dráhy (operating seasonal tourist trains) in action.



The next day we devoted to visit Železniční muzeum moravskoslezské located in the part of the Ostrava střed railway station. The highlight of this visit was to learn more of the driving simulator of the class 742. We intend to build a similar attraction at our shed and we were eager to learn about the experiences of other in this field. The museum also hosts a permanent exhibition of railway signalling and temporary exhibitions regarding the history of railways.


The last highlight of the trip was a visit to the historic coal mine Důl Michal. We were amazed by a pristine condition of the ground-level buildings of the mine. They look hasn’t changed from the time of closing down the facility back in 1993. It’s a great example to support the realistic contrary modern approach in technical and industrial museums.



Return back from Engine Shed for free!


We renew our cooperation with Łódź Commuters Railway (ŁKA). On the same rules as in the previous year, the travellers visiting Skierniewice can return back with ŁKA train to their departure point for free. The only condition is to have your one-way ŁKA ticket stamped in the Shed. The offer is valid only during the following days:

  • 5th May – Open Day,
  • 19th May – Railway Night of Museums,
  • 2nd June – Children’s Day in Engine Shed,
  • 7th July – Open Day,
  • 4th August – Open Day,
  • 1st September – Open Day,
  • 15th and 16th September – The Festival of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables in Skierniewice,
  • 6th October – Open Day.

We took part in the 10th International Fairs of Industrial Heritage and Underground Tourism in Zabrze


Since couple of years, with the beginning of Spring we travel to Upper Silesia to participate in a special event. From 13th to 14th April we took part in the 10th International Fairs of Industrial Heritage and Underground Tourism which took place in Zabrze’s Sports Hall. This year we shared our stand with colleagues from the Association of Upper Silesia Narrow Gauge Railroads. This way, in one place the visitors could learn about the offer and history of our engine shed and the longest continuously operational narrow-gauge in Poland connecting Bytom with Miasteczko Śląskie.

dsc_0500 dsc_0522