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Slowly but steadily we are expanding the telecommunication exhibition with new devices and parts. Lately, we managed to find a perfect place for a circuit test box produced by Tesla, Czechoslovakia. The box allows for proofing the incoming telephone connection and checking various electrical parameters and circuit continuity of a separate cables of the telephone line. Due to the fact that it is a much newer example of this type of device, it is currently a place-holder for an older, wooden box produced by the same company. The older box is now undergoing a renovation, so we used the modern example to prepare the fittings allowing to attach the box on the cross-board rack.

Except that, we continue various metalworks. The whole exchange has a plenty of metal parts which have to be individually fitted for the specific room where the device will be placed. At the moment we are preparing the overhead cable gantries which due to their location pose a particular challenge in assembling.

dsc_0452rs_0 dsc_0450

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