Commemoration of 70th anniversary of Warsaw’s Uprising

Rocznica wybuchu Powstania Warszawskiego

Together with the City Council of Skierniewice and the History Chamber of Skierniewice we would like to invite you to the Commemoration of 70th anniversary of Warsaw’s Uprising. At 8 PM, one can watch in the Engine Shed the documentary by Artur Czarniecki – “Train of Death” (“Pociąg śmierci”). The movie is devoted to the tragic events which took place in Skierniewice’s station right before the outbreak of the Uprising.

Earlier, a mass for benefit of fallen insurgents and Pawiak’s prisoners killed in Skierniewice will take place at 5 PM at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

Invitation to the Open Day in Engine Shed.

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - USRK Once again we would like to invite you on 2nd August to yet another Open Day in Engine Shed. Except the usual tour in the roundhouse and the sightseeing of the rolling stock collection visitors can check out our collection of engine’s maintenance equipment, old smithy, exhibition of railway photos by Marek Zienkowicz and the exhibition of railway safety devices and signal box equipment. Guided tours will start at 11 AM, 12 AM1 PM and 2 PM. Hungry or thirsty guests can help themselves by the stand of Atmosfera pizza house.


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Carrying gold…

… however only during the shots to a motion picture. On 12th July, the Shed was visited by a film crew shooting a documentary for Polish National Bank under the working title “Gold”.

Złoto - Paweł z operatorem Złoto - Paweł wjeżdża...

In September 1939, Polish gold reserves needed to be evacuated out of the country. After many troubles, the precious cargo arrived at Polish-Romanian boundary in Sniatyń, from where it was to be transported by rail to Constanța. Exactly this episode was shot in Skierniewice’s shed. The main character was a train consisting of “Ferrum” tank engine and a couple of the historical box cars. Three members of PARE as extras played the roles of train crew. After twilight a scene of unloading the gold to cars was shot.

Złoto - Make-up Złoto - Sztabki

The movie is directed by Joanna Kaczmarek and produced by Krzysztof Jackowski and VALRED studios. Presenter Marek Tajchman from TVN Channel is the narrator of the documentary.

With backpack through China – invitation to the Evening in Engine Shed


Evenings in Engine Shed are cyclic events, during which we present our broad range of interests beyond the railway (but many times with railways or trains in background). This time a main topic of our meeting will be China. A country thousands kilometers away from Poland, full of contrasts and connected with many stereotypes, yet the destination point for more and more tourists. A country of poverty and exploitation from one side and from the other – a land of modern railways we can still just dream of.

Our colleague and member of PARE, Ariel Ciechański, will present how this all really look like from the point of view of a backpacker and prove that China is something more beyond the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Feel invited to the presentation on 19th July at 8PM.

Free admission!

Another stage of roof repairs finished.

On 10th July, conservationist service inspected the roundhouse’s roof works above stands 1-3, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (50 000 PLN). The company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice has completed its task perfectly. In a couple of days another stage of works above stands 7-9 will begin. We are still collecting assets to finance the last part of required repairs above stands 4-6, so after completing the repairs, starting from May 2015, the whole interior of the roundhouse together with all exhibits inside will be available for sightseeing.

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Renovation of signal gantries from Wschowa

Taking the advantage of a sunny weather, we have begun the renovation works by the signal gantries from Wschowa. Thanks to the company “Polwar S.A.” from Gdańsk, one of the gantries was sanded and covered with anticorrosive paint. The final paint-job will be done on our own. Eventually, the gantry will be assembled and set up as an exhibit.

Piaskowanie pomostów Zabezpieczone antykorozyjnie pomosty

A new brood of black redstarts

Last weeks in Shed’s Workshop were a time of hard work of… bird parents. Instead of the former rambling of machine engines one can hear now all day long screams of the nestlings.

Those totally unconnected with railway reality sounds we owe to yet another generation of black redstarts (Phoenicurus ochruros). Those small and pleasant birds have nested for the first time nearly twenty years ago in the vault left after light switch. When we first noticed the newcomers, we wondered how they manage to get inside the properly sealed building. After a while of observation we concluded that birds found their way through the old lathe vent.

And so, after remembering the way, another generations of redstarts are with us. Initially, they keep getting back to their first nest, which was easily accessible and could be inspected without interruption to the birds. As soon as parents arrived with food, the nestlings rose their heads and wide-opened their becks. Eventually, satiated, they turned around and pretended that… they are not in the nest. The nest seemed to be abandoned and filled with litter. Except that the litter was really the disheveled feathers on backs of the nestlings.

Unfortunately, one year the observations were disrupted. We found the nest on the floor and all nestlings killed. It appeared that a marten has also found its way into the workshop…

Thankfully, this mishap did not discouraged our flying tenants. Redstarts have moved higher and set up new nest between  the roof trusses. Now, each year in May and sometimes again at the beginning of July, we are welcomed in the workshop with their unique song.

After all, redstarts could not have found a better conditions for nesting. We don’t disturb them and the inside of the workshop building provide safety, stabilized temperature and lack of wind and rain. This year’s brook has already left the nest. Currently they are still getting back for an overnight stay, but soon they will fly away into their adulthood. Godspeed and see you next year!

Invitation to yet another Open Day

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - USRK We would like to invite you on 5th July to yet another Open Day in Skierniewice Engine Shed. Except the collection of the historical rolling stock, our visitors can see the old workshop and smithy with genuine equipment, the exhibition of photos by Marek Zienkowicz and the exhibition of railway safety devices. Guided sightseeing groups start at every full hour (11.00, 12.00, 13.00 and 14.00). For hungry or thirsty guests awaits catering stand from Atmosfera pizza house.

Free admission!

Media Coverage

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Visit of 9th Łowicz’s Motorcycle and Historic Vehicles Meeting

Wyjazd rajdu Skierniewice’s Engine Shed is open to visitors not only during the scheduled events but also for request of organized groups. On Saturday, 21st June, we had the pleasure to host the participants of the 9th Łowicz’s Motorcycle and Historic Vehicles Meeting, which travels around the lands of the former Łowicz Dutchy. The organizer of the event is the Motorization Museum in Nieborów. We were visited by 82 people traveling with newer or older vehicles – 44 motorcycles and 12 automobiles. We present the more interesting ones below:

Motocykle   Motocykle

Our attention was drawn by a red Škoda 100/110 in pristine condition as well as pre-war Polish motorcycle Sokół 1000.

Škoda 100/110   Sokół 1000

Cult classics like black GAZ 21 Wołga, FSC Żuk and good, old FSO Warszawa were also present.

Warszawa   Warszawa i Wołga

There was also a French gendarme with his dainty car. But the real hit of the meeting was undoubtedly the black Chevrolet Camaro.

Żadnarmeria Chevrolet Camaro

Invitation to the Evening in Engine Shed

Święto Kolejarza 2012, pokaz slajdów Tadeusza Suchorolskiego On Saturday, 21st June, on 8:00 pm we would like to invite our fans to the first in 2014 Evening in Engine Shed.

This time, our member Andrzej Paszke will present the slideshow “Tramways of Lisbon” regarding the legendary tramcars, so popular with tourists and respected by the residents of Portugal’s capital city

Free admission.