Żuk Rally in Engine Shed


On 11th June a unique event took place in our Shed. Responding to the request of the organizers of the 3rd Żuk Rally, the area of Engine Shed become the stage of this extraordinary motorization event intended for the owners of vintage Polish cargo cars and vans, namely brands like “Żuk”, “Nysa” and “Tarpan”. According to the organizers, 55 teams took part in the event, incuding the participants of charity rally “Złombol”.


The rally departed from Skierniewice’s market square at 9 AM and, following the local roads, it reached various checkpoints. First teams reached the gates of the Shed at 3:30 PM, last joined us 2 hours later. Many of the cars were actually a disused fire engines or police vans, so from a distance they announced they approach with sirens. Starting from 5PM the event was open to the public, yet only small number of Skierniewice’s citizens decided to visit us on that time. It’s a pity as this was probably one of the most interesting rallies upon river Łupia.


The main yard of the Shed quickly filled up with vintage cars and participants enjoyed the picnic atmosphere, supported by sunny and pleasant afternoon. Simultaneously, everybody were impatiently awaiting the results of the rally and especially the announcement of the top places. The waiting time was used for motorization discussions, quick rest on the lawn or sightseeing of the interiors of the Shed. Many took the opportunity to take part in a very peculiar competition in long push with a… rail brake skate.

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After the announcement of results, the teams left the Shed at 7 PM.

dsc_1221   dsc_1230

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of the rally for preparation of such an interesting event.

Children’s Day 2016 in the Engine Shed


On 4th June took place one of the oldest annual events in Skierniewice Shed – Special Open Day for Children which take place on the first Saturday after International Children’s Day. This form of visiting the Shed was available long before regular open days. The perfect weather also attracted many visitors – over 500. The Special Open Day is fitted for the needs of the youngest visitors.


As each year, an exhibition of rolling stock was available to the tourists. Due to the ongoing roof repairs it was a bit more modest than in the previous year. Except the usual rolling stock outdoor exhibits, we presented the battery shunter AEG and 4th class carriage “Steinfurt”. We were also visited by the youngtimers from the Skierniewice’s Classics group who joined the exhibition. It was also possible to have a tour inside the roundhouse with the guide (an abbridged version of the usual sightseeing route to no to exhaust the youngest visitors).


A very popular place was the exhibition of railway signaling and traffic safety devices where one could try himself in a role of station dispatcher. Another interactive attraction was the digital railway layout prepared and showcased by the models shop LOKO-Model from Warsaw. One could also visits the stands of Bolimów Landscape Park and Łódź Agglomeration Railway. We would like to express our big gratitude to all the partners of the event.

We would like to invite you to another Open Day organized in cooperation with Bank Spółdzielczy, which will take place on Saturday, 25th July from 11AM to 3 PM.

Invitation to the final of Żuk Rally


On 11th June we and the organizers of Żuk Rally would like to invite you to participate in the final of this event. We open the gates of our shed from 5 PM to 7 PM to all the fans of vintage cargo cars. The rally itself will start from the Skierniewice’s Market Square at 9 AM. Over 80 teams will drive mostly the old but very popular in the past Żuk cargo cars, but the fans of brands such like Nysa and Tarpan will also find something for themselves.

Free admission.


Class Pd5-17 under the roof


Observant traveler passing by our Engine Shed in the Koluszki direction might have spotted the vast changes in the yard in front of the roundhouse. The missing class Pd5 express steam engine is missing and for a moment there was a special lorry for transporting the railway vehicles. What is going on?

We rush to inform you that nothing bad happened. The engine did not disappeared or was disposed. Thanks to the advancing roof repairs, we managed to find a proper place for this precious exhibit and roll it inside the roundhouse.


Putting class Pd5 inside will allow us to start the long awaited renovation of this vehicle. The fresh coat of paint will not be enough. There is plenty of metalwork awaiting us, mostly around the driver’s cab which at some point in the history was cut through and then patched with various pieces of tin. This will include rebuilding the cab’s roof which was crudely replaced with a single piece of metal sheet. Finally, we need to recreate the missing floor of the cab and overhaul the bottom of the corroded tender flask.


A visit on city tracks

On 29th May we were invited by the Fan-club of Old Trams to take part in the open days in the Museum Tram Depo Brus in Łódź. The visit was not only the opportunity to present our Shed to the lovers of public transportation but also an occasion to share with the experiences and have a closer look on the work of the organization very similar to ours, but functioning on city tracks.

Thank you very much and feel free to revisit us.

Brus Depo is one of the smallest facilities of its kind in Poland. It was built in 1910 together with opening of new tram line from Łódź to Konstantynów Łódzki. Depo ended its operation in the beginning of 2012. Thanks to the Fan-club of Old Trams, it did not shared the fate of now demolished depo at Dąbrowskiego Street and was devoted to organize a public transportation museum, in cooperation with MPK Łódź and City Council of Łódź.


img_4980   img_5009   img_5037

Invitation to Children Day in Engine Shed

Dzień Dziecka 2015 - puzzle

The first Saturday of June (4.06) is traditionally devoted to the youngest railway fans. On that day, from 11 AM to 3 PM following attractions will be available to the visitors:

More attractions are one the way! This time we prepared the open form of sightseeing to keep the youngest guests from exhaustion. Nevertheless, regular visitors can participate in guided tours which will depart at 12 AM and 2 PM.

Catering and cold beverages will be served by Atmosfera pizza house from Skierniewice.

Free admission!

Vintage cars visit


This year’s spring the Shed has been visited more then usual by various vintage cars rallies and assemblies. On 21st May Classics Meeting from neighboring Żyrardów, organized on 100th anniversary of this city, reached Skierniewice. The Engine Shed was one of the control points on the route of the rally. For three hours we were visited by several teams or larger groups of rally participants in their classic or cult-following automobiles.


ndsc_0959 ndsc_0962

Technical Eductaion Workshop – next meeting


During the last weeks, the participants of Technical Eductaion Workshops supported us in preparation and operating the special events in Engine Shed. Now we are back to the usual activities connected with renovation of the railway rolling stock. If you are 15-26 years old, would like to have a good use of your free time and want to learn something new, feel free to visit us on coming Saturday, 21st May at 11 AM.

If you are living outside of Skierniewice, thanks to the support of BZ WBK Foundation, we provide the return of transportation costs.

Please note that outside open days, the entrance to the engine shed is usually closed, so contact us in advance via email wolontariat@psmk.org.pl or Facebook.

After Railway Night of Museums


Traditionally, a Railway Night of Museums took place in Engine Shed on 14th May. Like in the previous years, the event in the Shed was part of the city-wide event. The participants could travel between different facilities opened for visitors on that night with a special free-of-charge bus prepared by City Council. It is worth mentioning that when we started in 2010, we were the only cultural institution in Skierniewice open to the public during the Night of Museums.

This year’s edition was a logistic challenge mostly due to the very random weather. Most of the previous nights were usually organized outside, but this time we decided to prepare it indoors. We took care for interesting illumination which underlined the railway atmosphere of the shed. The major part of the main roundhouse was open to the public so even the large number of visitors did not prevented one from comfortable sightseeing. Despite the soggy weather, during the 4 evening hours we were visited by over 680 guests!

img_5947 img_5961 img_5939

Invitation to the Żuk Rally


On Saturday, 11th June the third Rally of Historical Utility Vehicles (also known as Żuk Rally) will take place near Skierniewice. PARE has become one of the partners of this event as the final of the event (open to the public) will take place in our Engine Shed. We would like to redirect all interested in participating in this event to the official participation form and rules prepared by the organizers.

The aims of the rally is to promote the automotive culture and tourism, improving the driving and navigation skills and competition in road navigation. The event is co-organized by

  • PRL Skarb Narodu;
  • Association of Old Transportation Fans „Nasz Tor”;
  • Auto club Skierniewice;
  • Bikiniarze CC;
  • Motorization Museum in Opacz Kolonia;
  • OldTimer Warsaw;
  • City of Skierniewice.