Class Pd5-17 under the roof


Observant traveler passing by our Engine Shed in the Koluszki direction might have spotted the vast changes in the yard in front of the roundhouse. The missing class Pd5 express steam engine is missing and for a moment there was a special lorry for transporting the railway vehicles. What is going on?

We rush to inform you that nothing bad happened. The engine did not disappeared or was disposed. Thanks to the advancing roof repairs, we managed to find a proper place for this precious exhibit and roll it inside the roundhouse.


Putting class Pd5 inside will allow us to start the long awaited renovation of this vehicle. The fresh coat of paint will not be enough. There is plenty of metalwork awaiting us, mostly around the driver’s cab which at some point in the history was cut through and then patched with various pieces of tin. This will include rebuilding the cab’s roof which was crudely replaced with a single piece of metal sheet. Finally, we need to recreate the missing floor of the cab and overhaul the bottom of the corroded tender flask.


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