A visit on city tracks

On 29th May we were invited by the Fan-club of Old Trams to take part in the open days in the Museum Tram Depo Brus in Łódź. The visit was not only the opportunity to present our Shed to the lovers of public transportation but also an occasion to share with the experiences and have a closer look on the work of the organization very similar to ours, but functioning on city tracks.

Thank you very much and feel free to revisit us.

Brus Depo is one of the smallest facilities of its kind in Poland. It was built in 1910 together with opening of new tram line from Łódź to Konstantynów Łódzki. Depo ended its operation in the beginning of 2012. Thanks to the Fan-club of Old Trams, it did not shared the fate of now demolished depo at Dąbrowskiego Street and was devoted to organize a public transportation museum, in cooperation with MPK Łódź and City Council of Łódź.


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