Another stage of refrigerator car rebuild

We devote each free moment of our activity to the works by the beer refrigerator car from 1912. During the previous weeks we managed to cut the planks for all external walls (except the part where entrance is placed – this will be accomplished in further stages of works).

Piwiarka - ściany bez A   Piwiarka - ściany z A

Currently we are milling the planks so they will fit the outer frame and form with it a single, even surface. As we have no milling machine, we substituted it with prepared drill press. Surprisingly, this arrangement run without fault


We are still collecting any documentation regarding beer refrigerator cars. As for now, we still did not find the blueprints of our particular car. Therefore, to find best solutions, we collect so called blatts – blueprints of cars of similar construction, especially of Austrian origin. This time, with help come the branch of Rzeszów’s National Archive in Sanok, where in the complex of the former L. Zieleniewski railway works one can find vast documents regarding many railway vehicles.

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