Photo plein-air with EKSPOZYCJA 34 gallery

Plener fotograficzny EV34 - zdjęcie zbiorowe Fot. Sylwester Cichal – Foto Art Galeria EKSPOZYCJA 34

A photo plein-air organized by art gallery EKSPOZYCJA 34 from Łowicz, took place on Saturday, 9th May in our Shed. More than 20 participants could take photos of the Shed’s facilities. Not only could the visitors immortalize with their cameras the interiors and exteriors of the main roundhouse, but were also allowed inside the main workshop, the smithy and the railway safety devices exhibition.

Participants can send the photographs taken during the event to the Organizer till 29th May. Chosen works will be shown during the exhibition in EV34.

Plener fotograficzny EV34 - uczestnicy na wachlarzu Plener fotograficzny EV34 -uczestnicy przy CIWL

Plener fotograficzny EV34 - przy Steinfurcie Plener fotograficzny EV34 - przy 3 klasie

Fot. Sylwester Cichal – Foto Art Galeria EKSPOZYCJA 34

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