Anniversary performance of “Banana Perwers”


The theatre group “Banana Perwers” from Skierniewice celebrates this year the 10th anniversary of its founding. The anniversary performance took place on 5th September in the Engine Shed. After all this was the venue of the most successful performances by this group. This event also gathered a large audience of 113 fans of the “Bananas”. First the official part took place, where the group was congratulated by the president of the city Skierniewice, Mr Krzysztof Jażdżyk and representatives of PARE: Judyta Kurowska-Ciechańska and Józef Kaźmierczak.

During the second part of the event, the group presented the classic piece from their repertoire: “The Cave of Salamanca” by Miguel de Cervantes. Beside the founder of the group, Dominika Dawidowicz starred Marta Krysińska, Beata Konarzewska, Julia Cybulska, Alicja Bednarska, Gabryś Woźniak and Tomek Kowalczyk. In a separate part, Tomasz Staroń and Maciej Białek perfomed pieces by Kabaret Dudek, Wojciech Młynarskiego and Sławomir Mrożek. Music was performed by Mikołaj Mizerski. The performance become also the opportunity to support the animal shelter in Skierniewice – members of audience could bring the food for animals for the cause.

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The event was co-organized by the group “Banana Perwers” and the club “Oaza” from Skierniewice.


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