Summing up the crowd-funding for roof repairs


In the beginning of July we reached the final of the crowd-funding action to finance the roof repairs above the stands 12 and 13 of the main roundhouse. In this post we enclose a summary – in total we received 39 508,67 PLN from which 34 649,82 PLN was spend on the said roof repairs and additional costs related to the crowd-funding. The remaining amount of 4 858,85 PLN will be a part of own capital required for the grant for future roof repairs.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who supported us – we encourage you to visit us during the next Open Days.

Incomes Expenses
Conservationist’s grant 22 000,00 PLN Roof repairs 33 042,77 PLN
Contributions by the members of PARE   7 450,00 PLN Building insepction 861,00 PLN
Other direct contributions   2 633,07 PLN Provision for 242,77 PLN crowd-funding   7 425,60 PLN Gifts for donors 503,28 PLN
TOTAL 39 508,67 PLN TOTAL 34 649,82 PLN
BALANCE +4 858,85 PLN
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