Camp for volunteers in Skierniewice Engine Shed


We would like to invite all interested to participate in the Volunteers Camp in Skierniewice Shed which will take place from 9th to 11th September. The camp is a part of the project Volunteering for railway heritage as a part of multi-generation technical education, supported by National Heritage Board (Volunteering for Heritage programme). The project is directed to all those who are at least 15 years old, and would like to invest their free time in preservation of post-industrial heritage. Participants of the camp can take part in one of the following actions:

  • help in renovation of steam engine class Ol49-4 (painting, equipment assembling),
  • upkeep of Shed’s surroundings (tending the green areas, fence painting, replacing the glass, removal of graffiti).

Friday, 9th September will be devoted for arrivals, tour around the facility and Health and Safety training. Coordinators of the project will await participants starting from 2 PM. Saturday and Sunday we will start work at 10 AM and finish at 6 PM (4 PM on Monday). Each day will be concluded with a hot meal.

Participants are provided with

  • H&S training (Friday evening),
  • return of the cost of transportation to and from Skierniewice (2nd class commuter or regional train or equal public bus transportation, based on original tickets or printouts of electronic tickets),
  • possibility of overnight stay in social rooms of Engine Shed in camping standard (in case of large number of enrolments, lodging will be organized outside of Engine Shed),
  • water and meals,
  • protective clothing,
  • tools,
  • confirmation of participation if requested.

Due to the limited capacity of our social rooms and the need of adapting the work plan and preparation of appropriate amount of tools we would like to ask you to send in advance your enrolment to, including your preferences regarding the time of stay and type of tasks you are interested in.

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