Ongoing repairs of the skylight


For a month now the building company ‘Marbudex’ from Skierniewice is working on the replacing of the glass in the skylight above stands 4 and 5 of the roundhouse. The total cost of the repairs is 129 000 PLN, most of which will be covered by the funding from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (60 000 PLN) and The Marshal’s Office of Łódź Voivodeship (45 000 PLN). We also plan to complete the glazing above stand 6, thanks to the donation of construction glass and financing it from the reminder of the 1% from income tax.

We would like to remind you that you can support us via crowd-funding website:

or with a direct transfer to our bank account:

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We would also like to inform that donations to our association are tax-deductible.

In search for tastes of Łódź region


For years now, the residents of Łódź can take advantage of a special tourist trains allowing them to visit the interesting parts of the region. The trains are organized by the Łódź Voivodeship or the cooperating organizations.

This time the Centre for the Development REGIO with the support of the Marshal Office of Łódź Voivodeship organised a special Train to the tastes of Łódź region to celebrate 100th anniversary of establishing of the Łódź Voivodeship. The last such train arrived on 22nd September in Skierniewice. The engine shed was a must-see for the participants of the trip – close to 110 guests visited us that day.

Thank you for you visit and see you next time!

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A short summary of September events


September is always the busiest month of the year when we are open to the public on two different occasions for the total of three days. The first was the regular Open Day on 7th September when we were visited by 170 guests.

Another opportunity to visit us in September was the weekend of 14th and 15th September during the Festival of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables in Skierniewice. This time 822 guests decided to visit us.


Our usual attractions – the tour of our collection of rolling stock and the exhibition of railway signalling and traffic control were joined by the exhibition of photographs by Zbyszek Gradowski.

This year the September open days coincided with the European Days of Heritage. It is worth noting that for years now, the Engine Shed is the only facility in Skierniewice taking part in the celebrations of the Days of Heritage.

As in previous Open Days, we were supported by Łódź Agglomeration Railways (free return for the guests of the Shed) and Atmosfera pizza house (catering).

Summing up the August Volunteers Camp


With a slight delay we would like to sum up the longest (4 days) and the most numerous (20 participants) volunteer camp this year. Our crew from signalling exhibition has wrote about their activities already. It is a high time to write on what was happening in the remaining part of the shed from 14th to 18th August. There were a couple of projects realized at the same time. We worked by the renovation of the rolling stock, the clean-up of the Shed’s surroundings and building a new fence from the side of the station’s tracks. Evenings were devoted for discussions and exchange of information on various railway topics.


The main activities focused around two of our steam engines. The most work was required by the giant class Ty51-1. The repairs made by the previous owner appeared to be unsatisfactory especially on the tender allowing the rust to show up and paint start to flake. We immediately proceeded to wire brush the affected surface and paint them with rust-proof paint. Small paint job was also required by the class Tkp 6042 ‘Śląsk’ standing inside the roundhouse which is now the part of permanent rolling stock exhibition.

dsc_3975 img_2961


Another major project is the external renovation of diesel shunter class Ls60-143. After covering with anti-corrosive paint, the engine cowl got back on its place together with all its hatches. We also reassembled all components which were sandblasted back in July. Thanks to the machining skill of one of the volunteers, we were able to manufacture new parts for the braking assembly on the lathe.

img_3107 img_2976
img_2975 img_3174


The is also a scope of activities that are less spectacular but still required. Building repairs and track works always leave behind large amount of waste that waits for a clean-up. This was a perfect moment and the volunteers helped in cleaning up the roundhouse and the coal storage and by the building of the new fence which will prevent the unwanted guests from attempting the dangerous access from the side of the station tracks.

img_2944 dsc_4036

The activities during the camp were filmed by one of the participants:

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants of the camp.

The volunteer camps are possible thanks to PARE’s own resources and the support of

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Collecting money for the repairs of the skylight


Owning an engine shed is a streak of challenges. Not only those related to logistics but mainly the financial ones. We hope to close our budget and finish the buildings renovations, but the increasing prices in the building industry forced us to once again resort to the crowd-funding. After all we cannot let ourselves for a break in the repairs of our facilities.

The initial estimates of the repairs of the skylight resulted in amount of 100 000 PLN and that was the exact amount granted by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Marshall’s Office of Łódź Voivodeship. Unfortunately, the only offer that we could afford is worth 129 000 PLN. We still need to account that the works will be expanded by repairing the skylight above one stand more than anticipated thanks to the donation of the construction glass by a sponsor. Also this year we have to complete the repairs of the old water tower. Under such circumstances it appeared that the own assets of 42 000 PLN from 1% of income tax is not enough to cover all additional expenses. We are still waiting for the response of the sponsors but as the works starting dates are coming closer we would like to ask for your support.

You can participate in the crowd-funding via service.

Except our gratitude, our supporters will receive a small souvenirs. If you would like to support us with a direct money transfer, please do so to our bank account:

52 1240 6218 1111 0000 4617 3535

We would like to inform, that donations to our association are tax-deductible.


Evening with Banana Pervers and Energiczne Akordy


At least once a year, the Shed hosts an event targeted to all theatre lovers. Also this year together with our friends from Banana Pervers group and club Oaza we organized a theatrical experience during the Evening in the Engine Shed on 23rd August at 8PM.

First our main workshop become the stage for the performance of the children’s group Energiczne Akordy led by Zuzia Ambroziak. Next, the stage was open to the adult performers from Banana Perwers group.

69521058_2988354637902424_5469414871751720960_o 68825775_2988402224564332_8935736578098069504_o


The performance gathered a large auditory of 173 people. Banana Perwers performed the skit ‘Perły z lamusa, czyli most między pokoleniami’ from the programme of Kabaret Starszych Panów and the one-act ‘The Jealous Old Man’ by Cervantes (performed by Sara Dutkiewicz, Marysia Łukasiewicz, Gabryś Woźniak, Mateusz Farej and Michał ‘Pumba’ Wolski). The evening witnessed also a director début by Alicja Bednarska, the play ‘On the Name Day’. The finale was the skit based on the ‘Bal w Operze’ by Julian Tuwim. The event was led by Dominika Dawidowicz.

The event was also the opportunity for collection for the surgery of the resident of skierniewice, Małgorzata Piekarska.

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August events in the Engine Shed


August was full of events in the Shed open to the public. We started with the Open Day on 3rd August which resulted in an impressive (as for this time of the year) result of 353 visitors. Our guests could tour the roundhouse to see our collection of rolling stock, visit the exhibition of railway signalling or the exhibition of photographs by Zbyszek Gradowski. As in previous Open Days, we were supported by Łódź Agglomeration Railways (free return for the guests of the Shed) and Atmosfera pizza house (catering).


Exactly two weeks later, on Saturday 17th August, we invited all interested to two more events. First the enthusiasts of photography could take part in the special evening photo day. Next at 8:30PM the Evening in Engine Shed took place. This time the event was devoted to presentation and discussion Authenticity versus Modernity – two elements on the example of railway museum in Sankt Petersburg. The event was related to the ongoing volunteers camp supported by Santander Bank Polska S.A. Foundation. 37 participants outside of the shed took part in both events.

Volunteers at the railway signalling exhibition

Malowanie podstawy stojącej skrzyni kluczowej

The restoration works at the railway signalling and traffic control exhibition were among the most popular activities during the August volunteers camp. Participants could try out their capabilities in metalworking, mechanics and painting and learn more about inner workings of various interlocking devices during the renovation of three new exhibits.

The largest project which will take us a couple of months to complete is a general overhaul of a key interlocking with block instrument from 1927, originating possibly from the station Łęczyca. This particular specimen was stored outside for some time, before it was finally transported to Skierniewice Shed. This resulted in the poor external condition of the whole device. We started to work on it back in July by thoroughly documenting the electrical connections inside and disassembling the block instrument. In August we focused on the remaining part. First, we disassembled the base and the interlocking box. Next, we proceeded with preparing the base for painting. Due to the complex shape of the cast-iron legs we resorted to a tried-out method of bathing the parts in the solution of caustic soda. Even the thickest or multi layered coat of paint dissolves in the aggressive solution, making the final cleaning with wire brush much easier. After the clean-up, the base was reassembled and painted with a coat of a fresh green paint.

Stojaca skrzynia kluczowa z aparatem blokowym z 1927 r. Zdemontowana podstawa stojącej skrzyni kluczowej Skrzynia zależności stojącej skrzyni kluczowej Czyszczenie podstawy stojącej skrzyni kluczowej Malowanie podstawy stojącej skrzyni kluczowej Podstawa stojącej skrzyni kluczowej

Another exhibit which we hope to bring back to life is a two aspect light signal. This particular specimen is a rare example of early post-war Ericsson-type signal, easily distinguishable by its background plate made form a single piece of sheet metal and a prominent sight for easier regulation of the signal position. Similarly to the key interlocking, some parts have been already taken care of. The main signal chamber has been sanded clean during the previous camp and the post was prepared the previous year. Now we had to paint all the parts and recreate the missing details. The next step will be the assembly and regulation of signal’s optics and recreating the light’s circuits. We hope, that the signal will become a distant signal couple with one of the working light semaphores at the exhibition.

Malowanie sygnalizatora świetlnego Malowanie sygnalizatora świetlnego Uzupełnianie części sygnalizatora świetlnego Komora sygnalizatora świetlnego Komora i słup sygnalizatora świetlnego

The last project was a matter of chance. While looking for the missing parts in our storage we came across external signalling bells which are commonly used at signal boxes and other posts along the railway as an auditory cue for the phone signals. We think it may become a now exhibit combined with the signal box phones already present at the exhibition. The chosen signalling bears appeared to be fully functional but required a thorough clean-up and repainting.

Naprawa dzwonka zapowiadawczego Naprawa dzwonka zapowiadawczego Malowanie dzwonka zapowiadawczego Dzwonek zapowiadawczy - nowy eksponat na wystawie USRK

During the breaks in work, the participants of the camp could learn more about the various traffic control devices and discuss the future improvements to the exhibition.

Zwiedzanie wystawy USRK w trakcie sierpniowego obozu Zwiedzanie wystawy USRK w trakcie sierpniowego obozu

July Volunteers Camp


Volunteers camps become a permanent part of our events calendar. The only difference this year was a different financing model, where we relied more on our own assets earning more flexibility in the scope of activities covered during the camp.

This allowed us to focus more on the rolling stock renovations during the camp on 18th to 21st July. More then 10 volunteers cleaned and rust-proofed our steam engines class Ty51-1 and Tkp 6042, helped by the repainting of diesel shunter Ls60-143, worked at the exhibition of railway signalling and traffic control or participated in the track works at the track № 15 in front of the roundhouse.

20190719_101711 20190720_132722
20190720_121312 20190721_172411
20190721_190031 20190721_213814

The next camp will take place from 14th to 18th August. Feel free to join in by filling in the participation form (more details regarding the camp here).

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants.

The volunteer camps are possible thanks to PARE’s own resources and the support of

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Search and rescue dogs training in the Engine Shed


On 20th January we were visited by two groups of fire service volunteers specialized in search and rescue actions with help of trained dogs. The training was organized by firemen from Search and rescue operation group of Volunteer Fire Brigade in Justynów. Nearly 20 dogs with their carers from the Search Group ‘Tropiciele’ and the Volunteer Fire Service Lifeguards from Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Modlin) took part in the training.

The countless nooks and crannies of the Shed area perfect area for training of search actions, so we let the rescue services to train not only in the roundhouse but also in the area of the old coal storage. It is worth mentioning that similar training of a much smaller group took place the last year. We are glad to lend a helping hand to other non-profit organisations, especially engaged in life-saving activities as in this case.