Search and rescue dogs training in the Engine Shed


On 20th January we were visited by two groups of fire service volunteers specialized in search and rescue actions with help of trained dogs. The training was organized by firemen from Search and rescue operation group of Volunteer Fire Brigade in Justynów. Nearly 20 dogs with their carers from the Search Group ‘Tropiciele’ and the Volunteer Fire Service Lifeguards from Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Modlin) took part in the training.

The countless nooks and crannies of the Shed area perfect area for training of search actions, so we let the rescue services to train not only in the roundhouse but also in the area of the old coal storage. It is worth mentioning that similar training of a much smaller group took place the last year. We are glad to lend a helping hand to other non-profit organisations, especially engaged in life-saving activities as in this case.

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