Death of Dariusz Lisiecki


With regret we would like to inform that our colleague and long-time member of PARE, Dariusz Lisiecki passed away on 29 April 2019 at the early age of 63. The funeral service will take place at the chapel by Strobowska Street on 8th May at 11AM.

Dariusz was a member of PARE from 2004 to 2014, later due to various circumstances our ways parted. Still, he maintained the connection with the Shed always willing to lend a helping. We will miss you, Darek…

On behalf of the board, members and volunteers of PARE we would like to send our condolences to the relatives of Dariusz.

The 15th tourist season in Engine Shed has begun!


On 4th May we commenced the 15th season of sightseeing in the Engine Shed. Despite rainy weather, we hosted 509 visitors. This time, apart from the usual attractions like the guided tours and the signalling exhibition, the guests could also visit the photography exhibition Railways in Skierniewice by Zbyszek Gradowski and witness the first run of our own garden railway.

We would like to thank to the guests for visiting us and to our partners (Łódź Agglomeration Railway and Atmosfera Pizza-house) for help in organizing the event.

See you on 18th May at the Railway Night of Museums!

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Continuing track works


Over April and May we continued the track works by the track № 14 leading from the turntable to one of the stands inside the roundhouse. We started with placing the rails back to their place and securing them to the ties. Due to the different types of the rails utilized in this section of the track, we had to use special fasteners and constantly check the gauge. Another step was to fill in the ballast. The track still requires tamping but we are already preparing to complete the assembly of the neighbouring track № 15.

The track works in the engine shed are sponsored by the City of Skierniewice.

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Travel with ŁKA to Skierniewice for half price


We renewed our cooperation with Łódź Agglomeration Railway (ŁKA) to encourage more citizens of Łódź Voivodeship to visit Skierniewice and our Shed. ŁKA prepared a special offer for the visitors of the Shed. Passengers traveling by ŁKA train to Skiernieice can return back on their one way ticket for free. The only condition is to receive a special stamp on the ticket at the entrance to the Engine Shed. The offer is valid only on the days of the following events:

  • 4th May – Open Day,
  • 18th May – Night of Museums,
  • 1st June – Children’s Day in the Shed,
  • 6th July – Open Day,
  • 3rd August – Open Day,
  • 7th September – Open Day,
  • 14th and 15th September – Festival of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables in Skierniewice,
  • 5th October – Open Day.

The details of the offer can be found here (document in Polish).

Photography exhibition by Zbyszek Gradowski


This year among the many attractions available in the Engine Shed, our guests can visit a photography exhibition Railways in Skierniewice – The Engine Shed in the photography by Zbyszek Gradowski. The author of the exhibition is a close friend of our association and for many years documents on film the life of the Shed. He is also an enthusiast of the history of Skierniewice with the focus on the town’s brewing industry.

An official opening of the exhibition will take place in the main roundhouse during the Open Day on 4th May at 12 PM. The exhibition will be open to the public till the end of this year’s season.

Free admission.

Preparation for the renovation of class Ls60-143


The long awaited external renovation of class Ls60-143 has kicked off in the early April. Our main shunting engine was still wearing an old coat of paint that might have been satisfactory for its previous owner but is highly inaccurate for a historical exhibit in the Skierniewice Shed.

Our first job was to remove all big and easy to dismantle parts like engine cowl, exhaust cover and multiple doors to the engine compartment. Parts will be later sanded and primed for further repainting. To avoid losing or damaging headlights, windscreens and other small parts were removed and stored in a safe place. The chassis of the engine will also require removing the old paint and grime, in which we will surely require a professional assistance.

The renovation of the shunting engine is a major project which we intend to continue throughout this year. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact us at or via Facebook.

Happy Easter


Wishing all our fans and supporters a joyful and peaceful Easter.

Members, Volunteers and the Board of PARE.

Another track works started


Several years ago, alerted by the poor state of track network on the premises of the Shed, we started the repairs of the most degraded sections. Thanks to the support of the City of Skierniewice, we are continuing this effort also this year. In March we disassembled the rails in tracks № 14 and 15 in front of the roundhouse. At the beginning of April we could remove the remains of the old ballast. Soon we will resurface the track bed and lay a fresh layer of ballast, after which we start putting new concrete ties in place.

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Björke snowplough left Skierniewice


On 2nd April the snowplough of type Björke has left Skierniewice Engine Shed. The vehicle’s owner, Station Museum (former Museum of Railways) asked us to store it back in 1995 for the time of rolling stock relocation and the celebrations of 150 years of railways in Warsaw. Due to the latest changes of the status of the museum, the snowplough will be moved to the Museum’s Division in Sochaczew, where it will be finally registered as an historical object and hopefully undergo a much needed renovation.

Invitation for volunteers

Spring, at last! And together with new season, we want to initiate new projects for volunteers. Do you have some free time and don’t know how to spend it? Are you shy of power tools but like tinkering? We have something special for you. If you are interested in participation or would like to receive more details, please contact us via email or a private message on Facebook.