Summing up the August Volunteers Camp


With a slight delay we would like to sum up the longest (4 days) and the most numerous (20 participants) volunteer camp this year. Our crew from signalling exhibition has wrote about their activities already. It is a high time to write on what was happening in the remaining part of the shed from 14th to 18th August. There were a couple of projects realized at the same time. We worked by the renovation of the rolling stock, the clean-up of the Shed’s surroundings and building a new fence from the side of the station’s tracks. Evenings were devoted for discussions and exchange of information on various railway topics.


The main activities focused around two of our steam engines. The most work was required by the giant class Ty51-1. The repairs made by the previous owner appeared to be unsatisfactory especially on the tender allowing the rust to show up and paint start to flake. We immediately proceeded to wire brush the affected surface and paint them with rust-proof paint. Small paint job was also required by the class Tkp 6042 ‘Śląsk’ standing inside the roundhouse which is now the part of permanent rolling stock exhibition.

dsc_3975 img_2961


Another major project is the external renovation of diesel shunter class Ls60-143. After covering with anti-corrosive paint, the engine cowl got back on its place together with all its hatches. We also reassembled all components which were sandblasted back in July. Thanks to the machining skill of one of the volunteers, we were able to manufacture new parts for the braking assembly on the lathe.

img_3107 img_2976
img_2975 img_3174


The is also a scope of activities that are less spectacular but still required. Building repairs and track works always leave behind large amount of waste that waits for a clean-up. This was a perfect moment and the volunteers helped in cleaning up the roundhouse and the coal storage and by the building of the new fence which will prevent the unwanted guests from attempting the dangerous access from the side of the station tracks.

img_2944 dsc_4036

The activities during the camp were filmed by one of the participants:

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants of the camp.

The volunteer camps are possible thanks to PARE’s own resources and the support of

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