Invitation to the 15th tourist season in engine shed


Continuing the tradition, we would like to conclude this year by announcing the events calendar for the new year 2019.

  • We keep the monthly schedule of Open Days in the same form as in 2018. Starting from 4th May 2019 the admission to the Shed is possible between 11 AM and 3 PM with the last guided tour at 2PM.
  • We keep two lengths of the sightseeing route – guided tours at 11AM, 12 PM and 1 PM follow the shorter route, especially directed to the younger audience. The last tour at 2 PM allows the full sightseeing of the Shed.
  • The exact date of the Railway Night of Museums will be provided after coordinating it with other cultural entities in Skierniewice. The hours of the event are already set from 8 PM till midnight.
  • There will be no special open days for schools. Due to the high interest in this form of sightseeing we offer to contact us directly to schedule a special railway “lesson” – phone number 730 181 323.
  • The hours of the Open Day during the Festival of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables will be adjusted to the actual attendance of the guests. On Saturday, the admission will start at 1 PM, after the official parade in city’s centre and on Sunday, we will start earlier, at 11 AM. On both days, the sightseeing will conclude at 5 PM.
  • Photo days will take place every third Saturday of the month. On 15th June and 19th October, we are open from 12 PM to 3 PM, on 17th August – from 6 PM to 9 PM. The registration of participants and the admission will be possible only during the first half hour of the event.
  • During the Railwaymen’s Day on 23rd November we plan only one hour of sightseeing, starting at 11 AM.

We reserve the right to alter the published schedule.

Another grant supporting activities in the Engine Shed


On 19th November, the Foundation of Santander Bank Poland, announced the results of the IV edition of grant competition Here I Live, Here I Change. We are happy to report, that we received a support in the value of 5000 PLN for our project Volunteers helping in renovation of Skierniewice Engine Shed. This amount will be devoted for further activities aiming to improve the aesthetics of the Engine Shed, that we will continue in the spring of 2019.

We would like to invite all interested in helping us to contact us via email

This year’s roof works completed!


On Friday, 16th November, a conservationist’s inspection of the repaired sections of roof above stands 21, 22 and 23 took place. The works completed by the building company Marbudex were worth total of 94751,49 PLN.

We were supported with the grant of 61600 PLN by the Council of Łódź Voivodeship as a part of public activity Revitalization and adaptation for museum the Engine Shed Skierniewice – emergency repairs of the roof above stands 21 to 23 of the engine shed from 19th century. The required initial assets in value of 20000 PLN were covered by our partner Freightliner PL. The remaining required cash was covered from the 1% of the income tax.

logo_promuje_lodzkie tablica_zabytki Wydrukuj


Class Tp3-36 now in Poznań


On Thursday 15th November, a steam engine class Tp3-36, which was one of the vehicles from our collection outside Skierniewice, made is safely from Zbąszynek to the Museum of Armoured Warfare in Poznań, where it will be our deposit. The engine made the trip on its own wheels pulled by a maintenance train. Thanks to the full devotion of the crew from our association, the engine had no issues to cover the 100km trip. After reaching station Poznań Wola, the engine was transported from the siding to the musuem near the Poznań-Ławica Airport.

dsc_0212 dsc_0216

Freightliner PL – our benefactor


There are partners that always remember about us, and support us each year like Freightliner PL (part of the american concern Genesee & Wyomng). This company sets the safety as its priority and was eager to help us in our strive to improve the safety of our guests by the renovation of the buildings of the Shed. The company donated 20000 PLN as initial asset for the final repairs of the roof of the main roundhouse, which will be further donated by the Council of Łódź Voivodeship. We are glad that we are not alone on our endeavours.


Summarizing the collection for transportation of class SR71-04


To fulfil our earlier obligation, we would like to summarize the assets collected to transport the maintenance vehicle class SR71-04. The collection totalled at 11850,50 PLN and the actual spendings amounted to 8549,39 PLN. Due to the fact that we tried to gather assets from a couple of different sources, we ended up with a surplus of 3301,11 PLN, which will be devoted for the renovation of the engine of this vehicle and to cover the costs of the technical inspection.

Incomes Amount [PLN] Expenditures Amount [PLN] 4237,00 Transportation costs by “Panas Transport” 7995,00
Donations by members of PARE 950,00 fees 127,11
Donations by individual donors outside of PARE 1663,50 Costs of presents and their distribution to donors 427,28
Donations by legal entities 5000,00
TOTAL 11850,50 TOTAL 8 549,39
The transportation was supported by

silesiatransport fundacja_logo_rgb

and various individual donors.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for such a positive response and support to this action.

Summing up volunteers camps


Before commencing this year’s series of volunteers camps, we were met by the news of changes in the rules of the financing programme of the National Board of Heritage. We expected a major slip in the schedule, but fortunately, the Board has published the results of applications much earlier than expected. This way, with some effort, we were able to start the first camp in the second half of the summer vacations. The official name of the camps, as seen in the application, is Volunteering for the Engine Shed in Skierniewice – maintenance of the Shed’s sorroundings as patriotic care for the history of Polish railways. Our main aim was to enlarge the base of volunteers helping us in maintaining the Shed and to refresh the acquaintance with those who participated in camps in previous years.


Based on this year’s guidelines by the Board, we focused on the mundane, but required jobs of clean-up and upkeep of the Shed’s surroundings. Due to this fact, the planned renovation of class Ty51-1 engine was not the focal point of our activities. During the first stage of the work (11th to 15th August) the participants focused on the removal of graffiti and repainting of the gates in the wall facing the station. To keep the aesthetics of the work, we also refurbished another entry gate in this part of the wall and the internal gate on track № 63.

p_20180813_150710 p_20180813_180206


We also started to get rid of the overgrown self-seeders, first behind the round-house and next in the coal-storage, starting from track № 53. Simultaneously, we cleaned-up the remains after the older roof repairs and plant litter left after previous attempts to clean this area. To avoid leaving the plant waste again, we immediately got the wood chopped and transported away for recycling. During the subsequent camps, we continued the clean-up of the vicinity of tracks № 61 and 63.

p_20180811_140204 p_20180813_142231 dsc_3780 dsc_3794 p_20180825_125235 p_20180825_143316 p_20180922_132731 p_20180923_125659


The weekend of 20th and 21st October were the last days of this year’s camps. During the total of 13 days Volunteers cleared a large portion of the coal storage from the weeds and bushes. Among the participants were colleagues from organizations similar to PARE – Żuławy Commuter Railway from Nowy Dwór Gdański and Upper Silesia Narrow-gauge Railways from Bytom.

p_20180922_141654 p_20180922_173100 p_20180923_170333 p_20181020_113743 psmk10 psmk12 psmk11 psmk18

The National Board of Heritage was not the only supporter of the camps. We managed to convince other partners to provide us with tools required for our work. Company “Agentools” equpped us with gardening power tools, invaluable in clearing the coal storage. The distributor of abrasives Pferd and VSM provided us with copious amounts of wire brushes required in cleaning the metal parts of the fence and gates.


The project was concluded in the afternoon of 21st October with a sightseeing trip around historical industrial object in the vicinity of Skierniewice. We visited the first in the world welded bridge in Maurzyce and the heritage park of folk architecture located nearby. Later, we visited the branch of the Station Museum in Sochaczew to see how a professional railway museum functions. In the end we visited what remained from the former linen loom in Żyrardów. It was a rather sad visit which reminded us of the usual fate of industrial heritage in Poland…

p_20181021_140540 p_20181021_143746 p_20181021_134719 p_20181021_170831

Aside from the main clean-up activities, we continued renovation of some of our exhibits – signalling devices and class Ty51-1 steam engine.

dsc_0735 p_20180814_145348


As a part of the project, we organized two open meetings regarding the history of railway. On Sunday, 12th August a screening of a documentary “17 days that decided of Poland” took place. The film is notable due to the fact that some of the vehicles from our collection took part in the film. After the screening we had a moment for a short meeting and discussion with the director of the film, Leszek Staroń, and his crew.


On Saturday, 6th October, we invited the participants of the volunteers camps to the presentation by Ariel Ciechański, PhDModernity vs authenticity in railway museums” discussing the various approaches to the conservation of railway heritage across the Europe. We had the opportunity to see examples from Romania (steam engine exhibition in Sybia), Austria (LokPark Ampflwang, Heizhaus Strashoff), Belgium (TrainWorld Brussels) and Czechia (Děčín – stavědlo 15, Železniční muzeum ČD Lužna u Rakovníka, depozitář NTM Chomutov). The presentation was followed by the discussion on this topic.

p_20180813_150710 p_20181021_115310

Summary of the project:

Position Factor Unit Value
Planned Completed
1 Volunteer camps organized pcs. 5 5
2 Participating volunteers persons 25 38
3 Organizers, coordinators persons 5 5
4 Events organized pcs. 2 2
5 Participants of events persons 25 27
6 Partners, sponsors entities 5 8
7 Listed objects renovated by the volunteers pcs. 1 1
8 Other historical objects renovated by the volunteers pcs. 0 0
Sponsored by the National Heritage Board of Poland, programme Together for Heritage

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agentools Pferd-VSM

Meanwhile, at the signalling exhibition…


In the shadow of the eradication of self-seeders from the coal storage, a much more precise work was conducted in the secluded area of the signalling exhibition. We were continuing refurbishing the rare, small lever frame of the intermediate signal box.

After the successful assembly of the interlocking cam’s box, we proceeded to fix the signal’s levers. It took long than expected to bring those parts to a proper condition. We actually disassembled the levers into their elementary parts – for some volunteers, students of the railway school, it was an interesting and invaluable experience. Another step was a thorough cleaning and removal of the paint. The complex shape of the cast-iron parts forced us to experiment with different techniques, including a crude blast-sanding. Meanwhile, we started to complete new equipment of the exhibition’s mechanical back-room, e.g. a new grinding machine allowed us to eliminate the countless trips to the main workshop to clean every tiny detail. Eventually, after repainting, the levers were put back on their place at the frame.

dzwignie_post_odst01 dzwignie_post_odst02 dzwignie_post_odst03 dzwignie_post_odst04

Another element of the frame which required our attention was the block device. This time we decided to completely disassemble for easier clean-up. The effect was worth the effort – the repainted frame is now waiting for the installation of block assemblies, electromagnetic lock and the generator. After that we will face the much more complex task of recreating the electric circuits of the device. What we found initially inside was far from proper (the frame was a teaching aid in a railway school). The challenge was nevertheless accepted by our volunteers, who find in it another opportunity to excel their skills as signal fitters.

aparat_post_odst01 aparat_post_odst02 aparat_post_odst03 aparat_post_odst04

The lever frame was not the only exhibit we focused on. At last we took care of the second five-aspect semaphore present on the exhibition. This one was also a teaching aid and initially was equipped with a simple control box to automatically switch the aspects. Unfortunately, the original circuit based on the exchange step-by-step switch gave at some point a puff of smoke, and the semaphore was left in the corner only to present what is the use of indicator W31 (“disregard this signal”). We started by inspecting the wiring of the lights and repainting the chambers. Next, we prepared a new control system, this time based on Arduino micro-controller. We also ordered new background plates to be cut in place for the missing ones.

sygnalizator_arduino01 sygnalizator_arduino03 sygnalizator_arduino02 sygnalizator_arduino04

Below is a short video from the first test run of the semaphore.

This year’s activities on the signalling exhibition are supported by


Invitation to the collection and walk on the Old Powązki cemetery


For 9 years now PARE members have the honour to take part in the Old Souls Day collection organized by the Social Committee for the preservation of Old Powązki cemetery. Representatives of other entities of railway industry are also participating in the collection – together with our colleagues from Warsaw’s Commuters Railway (WKD) and PLK we will be present near the grave of Stanisław Wysocki (1805 – 1868), the head architect of the Warsaw-Vienna Railroad (catacomb avenue, column 6/7). The collection will take place on 1st (Thursday), 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday) November.

Also for the eleventh time we are meeting for the annual All Souls Day walk. This year we will visit the refurbished graves of railwaymen e.g. of Leon Miaskowski (1822-1892), the first Polish train driver. We start on 2nd November at the St Onorata’s gate at 10:00 AM.

The end of the volunteers camp


20th and 21st October were the last days of this year’s edition of Volunteers Camps. During the soggy Saturday and sunny Sunday morning we finished our little “gardening” in the coal storage. 10 volunteers participated in cutting down the self-seeders and moving the plant waste into storage area where later they will be taken for recycling. In the spring we are going to implement some measures to prevent the regrowth of the weeds in this part of the Shed.

p_20181020_113743 p_20181020_131550 p_20181021_103512 p_20181021_115357
psmk10 psmk12 psmk11 psmk18


The project was concluded in the Sunday’s afternoon with a sightseeing trip around historical industrial object in the vicinity of Skierniewice. We visited the first in the world welded bridge in Maurzyce and heritage park of folk architecture located nearby. Later, we visited the branch of Station Museum in Sochaczew to see how a professional railway museum functions. In the end we visited what remained from the former linen loom in Żyrardów. It was a rather sad visit which reminded us of the usual fate of industrial heritage in Poland…

p_20181021_140540 p_20181021_143746 p_20181021_134719 p_20181021_170831

Volunteers camps were sponsored from the programme of the National Board of Heritage – Together for Heritage

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