Summarizing the collection for transportation of class SR71-04


To fulfil our earlier obligation, we would like to summarize the assets collected to transport the maintenance vehicle class SR71-04. The collection totalled at 11850,50 PLN and the actual spendings amounted to 8549,39 PLN. Due to the fact that we tried to gather assets from a couple of different sources, we ended up with a surplus of 3301,11 PLN, which will be devoted for the renovation of the engine of this vehicle and to cover the costs of the technical inspection.

Incomes Amount [PLN] Expenditures Amount [PLN] 4237,00 Transportation costs by “Panas Transport” 7995,00
Donations by members of PARE 950,00 fees 127,11
Donations by individual donors outside of PARE 1663,50 Costs of presents and their distribution to donors 427,28
Donations by legal entities 5000,00
TOTAL 11850,50 TOTAL 8 549,39
The transportation was supported by

silesiatransport fundacja_logo_rgb

and various individual donors.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for such a positive response and support to this action.

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