The end of the volunteers camp


20th and 21st October were the last days of this year’s edition of Volunteers Camps. During the soggy Saturday and sunny Sunday morning we finished our little “gardening” in the coal storage. 10 volunteers participated in cutting down the self-seeders and moving the plant waste into storage area where later they will be taken for recycling. In the spring we are going to implement some measures to prevent the regrowth of the weeds in this part of the Shed.

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The project was concluded in the Sunday’s afternoon with a sightseeing trip around historical industrial object in the vicinity of Skierniewice. We visited the first in the world welded bridge in Maurzyce and heritage park of folk architecture located nearby. Later, we visited the branch of Station Museum in Sochaczew to see how a professional railway museum functions. In the end we visited what remained from the former linen loom in Żyrardów. It was a rather sad visit which reminded us of the usual fate of industrial heritage in Poland…

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Volunteers camps were sponsored from the programme of the National Board of Heritage – Together for Heritage

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