Preparation for the renovation of class Ls60-143


The long awaited external renovation of class Ls60-143 has kicked off in the early April. Our main shunting engine was still wearing an old coat of paint that might have been satisfactory for its previous owner but is highly inaccurate for a historical exhibit in the Skierniewice Shed.

Our first job was to remove all big and easy to dismantle parts like engine cowl, exhaust cover and multiple doors to the engine compartment. Parts will be later sanded and primed for further repainting. To avoid losing or damaging headlights, windscreens and other small parts were removed and stored in a safe place. The chassis of the engine will also require removing the old paint and grime, in which we will surely require a professional assistance.

The renovation of the shunting engine is a major project which we intend to continue throughout this year. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact us at or via Facebook.

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