Invitation to the film showing


On Sunday, 12th August, at 7PM we would like to invite to a film showing of “17 days that decided of Poland”. The documentary focusing on the First Marshal Józef Piłsudski, was directed by Leszek Staroń. All railway scenes in the film were shot in the Engine Shed Skierniewice, e.g. the interiors of Wittfeld motor unit were used as the interior of the staff carriage. After the showing, the audience is invited to the discussion with film crew.

Free admission.


Summing up the crowd-funding for roof repairs


In the beginning of July we reached the final of the crowd-funding action to finance the roof repairs above the stands 12 and 13 of the main roundhouse. In this post we enclose a summary – in total we received 39 508,67 PLN from which 34 649,82 PLN was spend on the said roof repairs and additional costs related to the crowd-funding. The remaining amount of 4 858,85 PLN will be a part of own capital required for the grant for future roof repairs.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who supported us – we encourage you to visit us during the next Open Days.

Incomes Expenses
Conservationist’s grant 22 000,00 PLN Roof repairs 33 042,77 PLN
Contributions by the members of PARE   7 450,00 PLN Building insepction 861,00 PLN
Other direct contributions   2 633,07 PLN Provision for 242,77 PLN crowd-funding   7 425,60 PLN Gifts for donors 503,28 PLN
TOTAL 39 508,67 PLN TOTAL 34 649,82 PLN
BALANCE +4 858,85 PLN

Tesco grant goes to the Engine Shed!


We already informed that for the second time we took part in the final of Tesco Poland initiative You Decide, We Help. We are happy to inform, that our project Volunteers helping in the development of the Engine Shed Skierniewice won the second prize – a grant worth 3000 PLN. We plan to invest this money in our exhibition of railway signalling and traffic equipment. We intend to enlarge it with new working exhibits so it would be fun for the young visitors but also a good educational help for the volunteers for railway schools. A symbolic check was handed over on 18th July in Tesco supermarket in Sochaczew. The project itself will be started at the beginning of August.

Photo courtesy of Tesco Sochaczew

“Voivodeship of Film” in the Engine Shed


On Sunday, 15th July, we were hosts of two different events. In the morning, a group of 94 people reached Skierniewice by the ŁKA train in search of locations from Polish films. It was a part of the project “By train across the Voivodeship of Film” supported by the Łódź Voivodeship and coordinated by the Centre of Initiatives and Development REGIO. Skierniewice is an obvious choice for such initiatives. The Engine Shed alone was a location of several films, but other places in Skierniewice also made it to the silver screen: the railway station, Palace Settlement, market and St Florian Square.

In the afternoon the Engine Shed was a location for an original tea party. Unfortunately, due to the rainy weather, only 30 guests decided to to take advantage of this opportunity to picnic in the shade of steam engines.

Open Day in July


To keep the record, we would like to sum up the Open Day, which took place during the last Saturday (7th July). We were visited by 285 guests so this year’s attendance has reached the 3000 people milestone. We would like to thank to all the guests for visiting us and to our partners (ŁKA Railway and Atmosfera pizza-house) for contribution to this event.

Those, who did not managed to visit us on that day there will be still next opportunity in the afternoon of 15th July. Free admission!

Afternoon tea in the Engine Shed


On Sunday, 15th July, we would like to invite you to a new form of spending time in the Shed – the Afternoon Tea with Steam Engines. On this day, the Shed is open to the public from 3PM to 6PM where one can have a summer picnic in the shade of the mighty steam engines.

We would like to inform, that you have to bring your own food. As this is not a standard Open Day, there will be no catering provided. The ŁKA return for free promotion is not applicable on that day.