Warsaw-Vienna Railroad for Kids – invitation to Children’s Day in Engine Shed

Dzień Dziecka 2014 - USRK

We would like to invite children with their parents to visit Engine Shed in Skierniewice on 6th June from 11AM to 3PM. The event will be a special issue of open days prepared especially for kids, joining together the International Children’s Day and the 170th anniversary of WVR under common name “Warsaw-Vienna Railroad for Kids”. Guests can visit the Shed individually or in guided groups. The groups, starting at 11.30AM and 1.30PM, will visit the interior of the roundhouse – each visit lasting about 30-40 minutes.

There are more attractions awaiting our visitors:

  • travel with handcar,
  • demonstration of railway security intervention,
  • demonstration medical rescue and first aid,
  • the exhibition of railway rolling stock,
  • the exhibition of steam engines equipment,
  • old smithy with original tools,
  • the interactive exhibition of railway signaling and signal box equipment,
  • old workshop with historical machine tools,
  • the exhibition “Railway in focus”,
  • regional promotional stands,
  • competitions for children,

Exhausted and hungry guests can try delicious grilled dishes served by Atmosfera pizza house.

Free admission!


Fairs, fairs… and after fairs

Targi w Zabrzu 2015 - Marek na stoisku.

This year’s season of association’s promotional activity slowly reached its end. The second and final event of this type is past.

On 22nd and 23rd May 2015 we took part in the 7th International Fairs of Industrial Heritage and Underground Tourism. We would like to thank to all those who has visited our stand. We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of the fairs – the City of Zabrze – for renting us the stand free of charge and for a warm reception.

Targi w Zabrzu 2015 - nasza obsługa Targi w Zabrzu 2015 - widok ogólny stoiska

Railway Night of Museums 2015 past us

KNM 2015 - ogniki

According to the five-year-long tradition, on the third Saturday of May, the Engine Shed Skierniewice could be visited on nighttime during the European Night of Museums. The initiative began modestly in 2010, when for the first time, together with our colleagues from Rogów-Rawa-Biała Narrow Gauge railway we invited residents of Warsaw to visit us at night. On the following year the audience was broaden to include guests from Łódź. Nevertheless, the attendance of occupants of Skierniewice was nominal and the Shed was the only institution in Skierniewice to participate in the country-wide Night of Museums. With time, local population was more interested in the initiative and so did other cultural institutions from the town upon Łupia River. Last year we fully devoted our offer to the citizens of Skierniewice and individual guest and resigned from the special trains from Łódź and Warsaw. It was also thanks to us that the City Council of Skierniewice organized special bus route which connected all points of interest during this special night. Today, nearly all important institutions and clubs from Skierniewice take part in the Night of Museums and the event itself is participated by hundreds, if not thousands, visitors from Skierniewice and nearby towns.

During short four hours of admittance we were visited by 825 guests who could sightsee several illuminated exhibitions.

Thanks to the perfect weather, we could present our rolling stock collection outdoors. On track № 59 stood the battery shunting engine AEG from 1928 coupled together with tank car from 1905 and box car of French origin. Tracks in front of the roundhouse were occupied by a flatcar with narrow gauge engine „Las”, tank engines class TKt48-39 and TKh 2949 „Ferrum”. There was also the inspection motor cart WM5-872, accompanied by a massive, 10-ton-lifting crane, 3rd class coach of type „Steinfurt”, firefighting tank car 12C1 (former tender) and small shunting diesel engine class Ls40-4572 with American flat car. The tank engine class TKp 102 took the honorable place on the turntable. Of course one could also see the engines permanently exhibited outside: Pd5-17, Ol49-4 and both „work horses” of type Ty. It was also the first Night of Museums for the diesel shunter class Ls60-143.

KNM 2015 - Ty23-273 KNM 2015 - TKp102

KNM 2015 - skład na torze 59 KNM 2015 - wachlarz z Ls40-4572

The interactive exhibition of signal box equipment was the main point of interest among younger visitors.

KNM 2015 - wajchy na srk   KNM 2015 - srk - pulpit kostkowy

The special bus line was very busy that night. The passengers were awaited at the bus stop in front of the Shed by the guide dressed in historical uniform.

KNM 2015 - linia muzealna KNM 2015 - na przystanku autobusowym

Of course, there were much more historical uniforms to be seen…

KNM 2015 - Paweł i Józek   KNM 2015 - Janek i Ariel

We would like to express our gratitude to our guests and partners – the City Council of Skierniewice for taking us into account when preparing the special bus route and railway operators: Przewozy Regionalne and Koleje Mazowieckie, for preparing a special offer of free of charge return ticket for the participants of this event.

Partners of Railway Night of Museums

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice Przewozy Regionalne Koleje Mazowieckie

The exhibition „Paper Heritage of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad”

Wernisaż w Grodzisku Mazowieckim - zbiorowe

The exhibition „Paper Heritage of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad”, prepared by our Association, took place on Friday, 15th May 2015 in Ethnographic Gallery at Radogoszcz Villa in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The exhibits – copies of old documents and photographs – were carefully selected by our colleague Paweł Mierosławski. The exhibition in Grodzisk will be available for admittance till 7th June on Mondays (8AM till 4PM), Tuesdays – Fridays (10AM till 6PM), Saturdays (4PM till 8PM) and Sundays (12AM till 4PM). From 10th June the exhibition will be moved to the Museum of Technology in Warsaw.

Wernisaż w Grodzisku Mazowieckim - rozmowy z autorem [SinglePic not found]

Invitation to the Railway Night of Museums

Noc Muzeów - nastawnica suwakowa

2015 is the fifth year since we invite our fans to visit the Engine Shed during the Railway Night of Museums. Like in the last year, on the third Saturday of the month (16th May) one can visit the Shed at night, from 8PM to 12PM. It is an unique opportunity to see our rolling stock brought back to life thanks to the stunning illumination. Visitors can also taste the atmosphere of the night shift in the signal box at our exhibition of railway traffic equipment.

Free admittance!

Special offers for departure from Skierniewice

We encourage visitors outside Skierniewice to reach our shed by train. Przewozy Regionalne and Koleje Mazowieckie offered to the participants of the Railway Night of Museums a special deal. Anyone who arrives in Skierniewice by Przewozy Regionalne, can return to their departure point free of charge after receiving a PARE’s stamp on their arrival ticket (the offer is valid only in Łódź Voivodeship and Silesian Voivodeship on the direction to Częstochowa). The details of Koleje Mazowieckie offer are available on KM official site.


Many other cultural institutions in Skierniewice are open to visitors on the night of 16th May. The City Council of Skierniewice will launch a special night bus route, which will connect all places of interest on this night.

Noc Muzeów w Skierniewicach - plakat, awers Noc Muzeów w Skierniewicach - plakat, rewers


Urząd Miasta Skierniewice Przewozy Regionalne Koleje Mazowieckie

„Paper heritage of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad” exhibition in Villa Radogoszcz

Wystawa Willa Radogosz

Grodzisk Mazowiecki was the first city which became the target of excursions with freshly built, first in Congress Poland, railway. Therefore, we would like to invite you together with Villa Radogoszcz to Grodzisk, to the exhibition „Paper heritage of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad”, prepared by our colleague Paweł Mierosławski for the 170th anniversary of WVR. The exhibition will began on Friday, 15th May at 7PM and will be available for admittance till 7th June. Afterwards, the exhibition will be presented in Warsaw and Skierniewice.

Photo plein-air with EKSPOZYCJA 34 gallery

Plener fotograficzny EV34 - zdjęcie zbiorowe Fot. Sylwester Cichal – Foto Art Galeria EKSPOZYCJA 34

A photo plein-air organized by art gallery EKSPOZYCJA 34 from Łowicz, took place on Saturday, 9th May in our Shed. More than 20 participants could take photos of the Shed’s facilities. Not only could the visitors immortalize with their cameras the interiors and exteriors of the main roundhouse, but were also allowed inside the main workshop, the smithy and the railway safety devices exhibition.

Participants can send the photographs taken during the event to the Organizer till 29th May. Chosen works will be shown during the exhibition in EV34.

Plener fotograficzny EV34 - uczestnicy na wachlarzu Plener fotograficzny EV34 -uczestnicy przy CIWL

Plener fotograficzny EV34 - przy Steinfurcie Plener fotograficzny EV34 - przy 3 klasie

Fot. Sylwester Cichal – Foto Art Galeria EKSPOZYCJA 34

“Steam – eruption! Cameras – in motion!” – plein-air in Engine Shed

Para - buch - aparaty w ruch!

Photography gallery EKSPOZYCJA 34 from Łowicz invites all photo-hobbyist to take part in a common plein-air. The event will take place on Saturday, 9th May 2015 from 11AM in our Shed (Skierniewice, Łowicka Street 1). The event will last for two hours. Please remember to check out special regulations (in Polish).

Those interested in participation should contact the organizer via email: ev34@wp.pl. Photos, taken during the events and submitted afterwards to the organizer, will be presented during the special exhibition in EV34 gallery.

The 11th Touristic Season in Engine Shed is open!

Dzień otwarty maj 2015 - Janek prowadzi grupę przez dziedziniec

On 2nd May we have inaugurated the 11th touristic season in Engine Shed. Thanks to the sunny weather, during the 4 hours of admittance we were visited by 476 guests. Traditionally, one could visit our regular exhibitions ex. the exhibition of railway safety devices and signal box equipment. We have also prepared the lengthened route inside the roundhouse, where guests could see the rolling stock on the last 5 tracks of the Shed. For those, who could not visit us on this day, we publish a couple of photos here and a time-lapse of this event on our YouTube channel.

We would also like to encourage you to visit  the Shed during the upcoming Night of Museums on 16th/17th May, from 8PM to 12PM.

Dzień otwarty maj 2015 - grupa koło portierni. Dzień otwarty maj 2015 - grupa koło obrotnicy