Invitation to the Railway Night of Museums

Noc Muzeów - nastawnica suwakowa

2015 is the fifth year since we invite our fans to visit the Engine Shed during the Railway Night of Museums. Like in the last year, on the third Saturday of the month (16th May) one can visit the Shed at night, from 8PM to 12PM. It is an unique opportunity to see our rolling stock brought back to life thanks to the stunning illumination. Visitors can also taste the atmosphere of the night shift in the signal box at our exhibition of railway traffic equipment.

Free admittance!

Special offers for departure from Skierniewice

We encourage visitors outside Skierniewice to reach our shed by train. Przewozy Regionalne and Koleje Mazowieckie offered to the participants of the Railway Night of Museums a special deal. Anyone who arrives in Skierniewice by Przewozy Regionalne, can return to their departure point free of charge after receiving a PARE’s stamp on their arrival ticket (the offer is valid only in Łódź Voivodeship and Silesian Voivodeship on the direction to Częstochowa). The details of Koleje Mazowieckie offer are available on KM official site.


Many other cultural institutions in Skierniewice are open to visitors on the night of 16th May. The City Council of Skierniewice will launch a special night bus route, which will connect all places of interest on this night.

Noc Muzeów w Skierniewicach - plakat, awers Noc Muzeów w Skierniewicach - plakat, rewers


Urząd Miasta Skierniewice Przewozy Regionalne Koleje Mazowieckie

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