Taking care of our collection

Ostatnia krata Winter works, which aim was to increase the safety of our collection by the installation of new and sturdy window bars, reached their finish. To sum up: we completed 5 new sets of window bars, replacing part of the temporary safeguards. It was possible thanks to the remaining stock of steel, bought especially for this purpose. Whenever possible, we are going to continue the works on improving the safety of the shed.

Another challenge is to build a new fence behind the pump house. We are looking for a benefactor, who would like to donate a prefabricated concrete fence to our organisation.

Skierniewice’s Shed „Where Cultures Meet”

Goście stoiska PSMK As in the previous years, we participated in the fairs Touristic Sites “Where Cultures Meet”  which took place from 21st to 23rd February in Łódź. It was a great opportunity to refresh some old acquaintances and to strike up new ones, which may in the future result in an interesting common undertakings. A possibility to exchange experiences with other non-governmental organization as well as entrepreneurs owning touristic attractions was priceless. Of course, we didn’t forgot about the promotion of the soon launched, 10th touristic season in Skierniewice’s Engine Shed. As you can see in the enclosed photo, our offer and presented small exhibits especially aroused the youngest travelers interest.

On the shot of „Plus-minus or fly’s travel to Georgia”

This year the Skierniewice’s shed was very early visited by filmmakers. On 21st February we guested a group shooting the documental picture titled „Plus-minus or fly’s travel to Georgia” („Plus minus czyli podróże muchy do Gruzji”), directed by Bogdan Dziworski. The movie, regarding the cult of Stalin, is based on the director’s memories from his youth. Shots to the movie were completed in Skierniewice’s Engine Shed as well as on-place in Georgia and palace in Lubostroń. Paweł Dyllus is the director of photography and Bożena Krakówka is the executive producer. The main Producer is Paisa Films studio and Polish Television. The picture is financed from the funds of Polish Film Institute.

Plus-Minus - ekipa Plus-Minus okiem operatora

1% of income tax into hundreds of square meters of new roof…

Specjalny Dzień Otwarty 2013, zwiedzane hali wachlarzowej … with this catch-phrase we’ve encouraged last year the tax payers to devote their 1% of income tax to the Engine Shed. As one could convince himself, the motto proved itself really effective – once again we would like to thank you for your generous support in salvaging of the railway monuments.

Soon, we will once again receive the tax forms in order to “pay the tribute” to the tax office. Last year, thanks to your help, we were able to apply for two subsidies, which allowed the major overhaul of the 650 square meters of the roundhouse’s roof. This year, we would like to continue this work, so we keep the last year’s motto valid and once again we would like to encourage you to the further support to the Engine Shed.
If you would like to check, how we utilize received financial assets and what are our plans for the future, please check the 1% for PARE page (in Polish only, sorry.)

From publisher’s shelf – „Stanisław Wysocki – the Pioneer of Polish Railways”

Stanisław Wysocki - okładka With a great satisfaction we would like to introduce to you the freshly released book by Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts – „Stanisław Wysocki – the Pioneer of Polish Railways”. This editorial undertaking was possible thanks to the support of the donors mentioned in the book. The publication continues the topic of the earlier book “Old Powązki Station” (2011) and two booklets under common title “We remember” (2010 and 2012) – works by our colleagues Marek Moczulski and Wiesław Wojtasiewicz. The mentioned works are the summary of their adventure at the Old Powązki cementary – a search for the graves of the people of outstanding merit for Polish railways. Books are the tribute to those outstanding figures.

The book will be available at the Skierniewice’s Engine Shed as a contribution souvenir.