From publisher’s shelf – „Stanisław Wysocki – the Pioneer of Polish Railways”

Stanisław Wysocki - okładka With a great satisfaction we would like to introduce to you the freshly released book by Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts – „Stanisław Wysocki – the Pioneer of Polish Railways”. This editorial undertaking was possible thanks to the support of the donors mentioned in the book. The publication continues the topic of the earlier book “Old Powązki Station” (2011) and two booklets under common title “We remember” (2010 and 2012) – works by our colleagues Marek Moczulski and Wiesław Wojtasiewicz. The mentioned works are the summary of their adventure at the Old Powązki cementary – a search for the graves of the people of outstanding merit for Polish railways. Books are the tribute to those outstanding figures.

The book will be available at the Skierniewice’s Engine Shed as a contribution souvenir.

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