Building works in „Łowicz Annex”

The workers from the company “Marbudex” continue the revitalization works inside the oldest part of the roundhouse, the so-called Łowicz Annex.

Przybudówka łowicka - transport stali

After the construction of new walls, stairwell and foundations for lever frames and signal shafts, it’s time for a new reinforced ceiling. As it need to be sturdy to stand the weight of planned exhibits, first a heavy steel beams had to be put in place. A transport of new I-beams for this purpose has arrived just a few days ago. In the meantime a formwork is being constructed so in a couple of weeks a first pour of concrete could be completed. The finish of the current stage of works is planned at the early Autumn.

Przybudówka łowicka - konstrukcja szalunków Przybudówka łowicka - podpora I piętra


Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

Beginning of the renovation of the „Łowicz annex”!

Przybudówka - prace ze spychareczką

Several days a rebuilding works began in the oldest part of the roundhouse, the so called „Łowicz annex” (named so due to the proximity of track to Łowicz). The “annex” is really a first of the seven stands of the original engine shed erected in 1862. On the turn of 1880’s and 1890’s this single stand was converted into workshop backroom and dispatchers office. During the first months of the Great War and the fierce fight in the battle of Łódź, the Shed was nearly razed to the ground. The building was reconstructed in 1918 and furtherly (sometimes shoddily) extended after the Second World War

Przybudówka - spychareczka i kopareczka

The first stage of renovation took place in 2012. It consisted of emergency clean-up and strengthening of the outer walls. Works were sponsored by the Conservationist of Łódź Voivodship. For the next two years, we had to put the renovation on hold due to the lack of funding. Eventually, this year we were granted 100 000 PLN by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and could restart the works.

Przybudówka - prace ze spychareczką (2)

In the coming days several things will be done: foundations of the building will be reinforced and new internal walls erected to hold new, concrete ceiling. During the next stage of renovation we plan to rebuild the roof.

The works are carried out by the company Marbudex from Skierniewice, which proved itself trustworthy and reliable during the previous building projects in the Shed. This time, a heavy-duty equipment had to be utilized to excavate the foundations.

In the future, the annex will house the interactive exhibition of railway safety devices.

The renovation of the oldest part of the roundhouse is supported by

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

Subsidy for renovation of the oldest part of roundhouse

For the whole March and part of April, we have collected the required documents and then appointed the contractor to conduct the works by the oldest (1862-1865) part of the Shed. These activities were crucial to sign the subsidy agreement with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. For the planned works we will be assigned 100 000 PLN. Currently we are waiting for the finalization of the agreement. We plan to start the works right after the first Open Days!

przybudowka_belki widok-ogolny-i-rusztowanie

This year’s first subsidy agreement signed!

Rozbiórka dachu hali wachlarzowej

In the beginning of March we have signed the first in this year subsidy agreement. The City President of Skierniewice has assigned a support of 7000 PLN at the open bid for public interest organizations to the task “Adaptation of historical Engine Shed buildings to the museum and cultural purposes”. The project’ total worth is 8750 PLN  – the remaining amount are the own assets required by the bid. It will be devoted to prepare the technical documentation vital for further repairs of the Shed’s facilities.


Another subsidy for roof repairs

Dach - kanał 4 Several weeks ago we reported that we are waiting for results of two subsidy competitions to which we applied for assets for further roof repairs. On Friday, 24th October the City Council of Skierniewice approved the result of one of them assigning to PARE 50 000PLN for repair of 300 sq. meters of roundhouse roof! There’s only a couple of documents left to be filled in and with the beginning of November we can start the works on the roof above stands 4 to 6. Therefore, in next years a whole interior of the roundhouse will be available for visitors.

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

Another stage of roof repair finished

Dach - kanał 7 On the last days of September the repair works of roundhouse roof were inspected. The repairs were sponsored by Conservationist Office of Łódź Voivodship (35 000PLN) and 1% of income tax for PARE (more than 20 000PLN). Works were conducted perfectly by company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice and included total replacement of roof cladding above stands 7 to 9. However, this is not an end of the renovation works – we hope that before the start of season 2015 the whole interior of the roundhouse will be available to visitors.

Łódzki Wojewódzki Konserwator Zabytków


Continuing repairs of roundhouse’s roof

For last couple of weeks another stage of roundhouse’s roof repairs goes on. Works, partially sponsored by Voivodeship Conservationist of Łódź (35000 PLN), encompass the roof above stands № 7 to 9. The contractor of the works is company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice.

Remont dachu ze środków ŁWKZ - rusztowania Remont dachu ze środków ŁWKZ - rolki papy

Current repairs, when finished, will allow us to significantly extend the sightseeing route inside the roundhouse. It would not be possible if not for you generous support in form of 1% of income tax for PARE. Thanks to the record-breaking amount of 33000 PLN we were able to provide the initial assets not only for current works, but also for the future projects.

Thank you!

Another stage of roof repairs finished.

On 10th July, conservationist service inspected the roundhouse’s roof works above stands 1-3, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (50 000 PLN). The company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice has completed its task perfectly. In a couple of days another stage of works above stands 7-9 will begin. We are still collecting assets to finance the last part of required repairs above stands 4-6, so after completing the repairs, starting from May 2015, the whole interior of the roundhouse together with all exhibits inside will be available for sightseeing.

Dach z dotacji MKiDN Tablica informacyjna o dotacji MKiDN

New grants for roundhouse roof repairs!

Zbieramy wkład własny na dotacje 2014 We would like to calm all concerned about a lack of news regarding grants – we have already received two confirmations of reserved assets for PARE – one from the Ministry of Culture and one from Łódź Voivodeship Conservationist. However, in order to ensure that we actually receive the granted assets, we have to fill in and send to the grantgivers all the required documents.  As for now, we are collecting the remaining documentation and agreements .

Yet, another grant application is in progress and we are already aware that the total sum of required own assets exceeds the total income from 1% of income tax from lat year. Therefore, we would be grateful if you will not forget about PARE when filling in tax declaration.