Beginning of the renovation of the „Łowicz annex”!

Przybudówka - prace ze spychareczką

Several days a rebuilding works began in the oldest part of the roundhouse, the so called „Łowicz annex” (named so due to the proximity of track to Łowicz). The “annex” is really a first of the seven stands of the original engine shed erected in 1862. On the turn of 1880’s and 1890’s this single stand was converted into workshop backroom and dispatchers office. During the first months of the Great War and the fierce fight in the battle of Łódź, the Shed was nearly razed to the ground. The building was reconstructed in 1918 and furtherly (sometimes shoddily) extended after the Second World War

Przybudówka - spychareczka i kopareczka

The first stage of renovation took place in 2012. It consisted of emergency clean-up and strengthening of the outer walls. Works were sponsored by the Conservationist of Łódź Voivodship. For the next two years, we had to put the renovation on hold due to the lack of funding. Eventually, this year we were granted 100 000 PLN by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and could restart the works.

Przybudówka - prace ze spychareczką (2)

In the coming days several things will be done: foundations of the building will be reinforced and new internal walls erected to hold new, concrete ceiling. During the next stage of renovation we plan to rebuild the roof.

The works are carried out by the company Marbudex from Skierniewice, which proved itself trustworthy and reliable during the previous building projects in the Shed. This time, a heavy-duty equipment had to be utilized to excavate the foundations.

In the future, the annex will house the interactive exhibition of railway safety devices.

The renovation of the oldest part of the roundhouse is supported by

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

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