Another milestone in roof repairs


We reached another milestone in renovation works of our Engine Shed. On 28th July a commission accompanied by the representatives of conservation office approved the finished roof repairs above stands 14 to 23 from the side of turntable. This part of the works was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Łódź Voivodeship Conservationists office, Bank Spółdzielczy from Skierniewice and 1% from income tax.

In the meantime we are collecting resources for further repairs and company Marbudex is preparing to complex reconstruction of the skylight in main roundhouse.1

Another stage of roof repairs reaching finish


This years renovation works of roundhouse building is slowly reaching its end. The construction company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice is completing the roof repairs above stand 14. Works are sponsored from the fund of Łódź Voivodeship’s Conservationist. We are still applying for more funds to finish repairs of last two patches in front of the building, above stands 12 and 13 – we still need 30 thousand PLN to complete this works. From the other hand, we are completing the formalities connected with other subsidy, this time from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which will allow us to start the rebuild of the skylight in August.15

Starting the first in this year renovation works in the Shed


On Wednesday, 27th April, we started the first in this year renovation of Shed’s buildings. The works will be conducted by company “Marbudex” from Skierniewice, a partner who already proved trustworthy in previous renovation activities. Thanks the subsidies from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and money from 1% of income tax, the whole roof cover above the stands 15 to 23 will be replaced. At the moment we are completing the documentation and resources required to finish all roof works in the main roundhouse.

More subsidies for reconstruction of roundhouse roof

Hala rewizyjna - nowe poszycie

In a major undertaking, like running a historical engine shed, there is no stop in applying for new subsidies. During last days, we were informed that Conservationist Office of Łódź Voivodeship reserved the amount of 25000 PLN for repairs of another area of roof in the main roundhouse. At the moment we are completing the documentation required to finalize and sign up the agreement. The main aim of this year’s works is to complete the reconstruction of the roof on this building and we still need resources to cover the cost of works above two last stands.

We would also like to encourage you to support us with 1% of income tax and donations paid directly to our account. The money will increase the amount of so called own assets and simultaneously increases our chances in applying for more subsidies.


First subsidies for renovation in Skierniewice Shed – help us collect the initial capital

Logo 1 procent, duże

March is the beginning of struggle with tax settlements, therefore we would like to encourage you to share your 1% of income tax to our Association. As in the previous years, collected money will be turned into the initial capital required when applying for public subsidies. We already managed to successfully apply for four subsidies. Part have been already paid to Association’s account, part waits for the final signatures and part requires a couple of last documents to finish the procedure.

Two most important subsidies are sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and will be devoted for the repairs of another 612 square meters of roundhouse roof and first stage of skylight rebuild. Unfortunately, the required initial capital is much higher then we expected. For the 190 thousand PLN applied, we need 47 thousand PLN of own capital. Nevertheless the amount will let us bring to the end the repairs of roundhouse roof leaving only the skylight to be completed.

plan-projekty_realizacja_2016_przyznane hala_polac-wewn_cz-wsch7_dsc_6184

First subsidy of the Ministry (90000 PLN) for the task Skierniewice Engine Shed – roundhouse (19th century): continuation of rebuild of damaged roof (stands 15-23). The task includes repairs of another part of main Shed building over the stands 15 to 23 (total area of 612 sq. m). The repairs requires a complete replacement of wooden parts of the roof and laying a double layer of felt.


Second subsidy of the Ministry (100000 PLN) for the task Skierniewice Engine Shed – roundhouse (19th century): continuation of rebuild of damaged roof (skylight over stands 1-3). For the first time we will be able to repair the large skylight spanning the whole length of the roundhouse. Thanks to that, the roof over stands 1 to 3 will be complete (this part of the roof underwent overhaul in the previous years). We are especially happy that the most precious exhibits from our collection (especially the battery unit Wittfeld) will be protected against the rain and snow.

We also received the subsidy from City Council of Skierniewice. We were granted 6500 PLN (required initial capital 1625 PLN) for the task Adaptation of historical buildings for museum and cultural purposes. This amount will be devoted for the tracks relaying within the premises of Engine Shed. Another subsidy, sponsored by BZ WBK Bank Found, will be devoted for Technical Education Workshops (we write more about that here).

Totaling, we still need over 50000 PLN of initial capital, and there are new subsidy applications to come. We also encourage various institutions and companies to help us collect the required money.


Ending another year of our activity…

… so its time to sum up the most important works and thank to all the supporters without whom many of our actions would not be possible.

Traditionally, the most important part were the repairs of the old buildings. In 2015, after three-years break, we managed to obtain a financing sufficient to rebuilt the oldest part of the shed, the so-called “Łowicz annex”. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage provided for this purpose 100000 PLN. It was the biggest fund PARE has ever received but the only one we had this year (despite five other requests). The total cost of the rebuilding works reached 140000 PLN. The remaining money were obtained from own sources (the 1% from income tax – most of the 27000 PLN received in 2015) and the donation from PKP Group.

przybudowka_belki Przybudówka - prace ze spychareczką (2) Przybudówka łowicka - konstrukcja szalunków Przybudówka strop 1 piętra   dsc_9704 dsc_9701

The donation of the City Council of Skierniewice (7000 PLN) was devoted for preparing the documentation required for further adaptation of the Engine Shed as a museum and cultiral facility.

Rolling stock conservation works in 2015 concentrated around the rebuilding of beer refrigerator car from 1912. The required resources came from 1% of income tax and donation of PKP Group.

Piwiarka - 4 ściany 2015   natrysk SONY DSC

On behalf of members and volunteers of PARE we would like to say a big thank you to allour supporters and sponsors.

PARE sponsors in 2015

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego Urząd Miasta Skierniewice fundacja_logo_rgb_bezpola

Freightliner  1 procent podatku

This year’s works in „Łowicz annex” finished!


In the end of September, company “Marbudex” has finished the building works in the oldest part of the roundhouse called “Łowicz annex” (called so due to the proximity of track of line 11 to Łowicz). The works covered reconstruction of ceilings, roof and repairs of foundations. Just before the 170th anniversary of Warsaw-Vienna Railroad, the renovated building was acknowledged by the employees of Skierniewice’s branch of the Monuments Protection Office in Łódź.


dsc_9701 dsc_9706

The works by the oldest part of roundhouse were supported by:

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego     fundacja_logo_rgb

First exhibit already in „Łowicz Annex”

Wąski - przed wyjazdem

A couple of days ago we have informed about the preparation of a place for the first exhibit in the refurbished „Łowicz Annex” – an 8-meters high semaphore. Due to the sizes of the signal, it had to be fixed in place before the roof was constructed – there were no other options. A new foundation for the signal was prepared and the signal itself was stripped of all parts for repainting and to make its transportation easier. It was patiently waiting inside the roundhouse.

Wąski - powrót

In the meantime, one of the companies working at the Skierniewice station rebuild was kind enough not only to lend us its crane for semaphore placement but also took the signal’s mast to special works were it was cleaned and repainted. In the last days of August, the company WAPO-TECH s.c. from Bulkow returned with the repainted mast and mounted it on the target place.

Thank you for your kind help.

Wąski - lot p1010040 p1010046


Next stage of „Łowicz annex” renovation

On the last Friday, 24th July, another stage of rebuilding of the “Łowicz annex” concluded. On that day the building company “Marbudex” completed the last pour of concrete on the reinforced ceiling. There is a place for a small staircase as well as separate place for an old lever frame with holes for transmission wires. In the future the annex will become a new home of the interactive signaling exhibition, so each part of it has to withstand the weight of the exhibits and the tension of the wire transmission.

Przybudówka strop 1 piętra Przybudówka - podpory szalunków   stoopa_m

During the weekend, while the building crew was away, we prepared the base of the mechanical signal, which will be placed in the middle of the exhibition. The base must keep the several-meters high mast upright, so according to the blueprints it has to be sturdily built and fixed deep below the level of the floor. In the upcoming weeks the largest of the exhibits have to be placed inside, before the roof will be installed.

The renovation of the oldest part of the roundhouse is sponsored by

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego