First exhibit already in „Łowicz Annex”

Wąski - przed wyjazdem

A couple of days ago we have informed about the preparation of a place for the first exhibit in the refurbished „Łowicz Annex” – an 8-meters high semaphore. Due to the sizes of the signal, it had to be fixed in place before the roof was constructed – there were no other options. A new foundation for the signal was prepared and the signal itself was stripped of all parts for repainting and to make its transportation easier. It was patiently waiting inside the roundhouse.

Wąski - powrót

In the meantime, one of the companies working at the Skierniewice station rebuild was kind enough not only to lend us its crane for semaphore placement but also took the signal’s mast to special works were it was cleaned and repainted. In the last days of August, the company WAPO-TECH s.c. from Bulkow returned with the repainted mast and mounted it on the target place.

Thank you for your kind help.

Wąski - lot p1010040 p1010046


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