Another subsidy agreement signed!

Rozjazd 128 - łącznik w stanie surowym

In the middle of March we have signed one more subsidy agreement. City Council of Skierniewice in open submission granted us 6500 PLN for realization of task Adaptation of historic buildings for museum or cultural purposes. Together with the own capital of 1625 PLN it will be devoted for the most urgent track repairs in the Shed. Still, the amount is lower than we expected, so most of the works will have to be conducted with our own forces.

After receiving the money, but before starting any actual works, we will have to buy the required track materials and just then we will be ready for regeneration of the most damaged parts of the Shed’s track layout. The works will start probably on the turn of May and June, but we would already like to invite the volunteers to help.

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice
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