Time for „Mig” in Skierniewice Shed


In principle, the Engine Shed is not accessible to tourists outside the season, nevertheless we always try to respond to the requests of organized groups. Quite a common guests are the fans of vintage car or road vehicles. On Saturday, 19th March, the Shed was visited by the first such group this year. During the event “Time for Mig”, about 50 enthusiasts of city transport took a trip along the roads of Skierniewice and nearby towns in two vintage buses.

The background for the excursion were the railways surrounding Skierniewice, and the main attraction – one of the oldest buses of Skierniewice mass transit operator (MZK) – Jelcz M11 (nicknamed “Mig”). According to the organizes, this vehicle (number plate ES 03213) from 1988 is one of the few of its kind still in working order. Jelcz buses arrived on the Skierniewice roads, dominated by Autosan H9-35 types, in late 1985 with the first models PR110. Soon the modernized model M11 also appeared here. The main attraction of the event is cruising the roads of Skierniewice without any relocation to other towns since it left the Jelcz factory.

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