Changes in event calendar in 2016

KNM 2015 - srk - nastawnica suwakowa

During the planning of events for 2016 we were estimating some of the days of the common celebrations across the Poland taking into account the past agreements. Sometimes this may prove troublesome – this is why we were surprised that Night of the Museums, which traditionally took place on third weekend of May will be moved to later term. So due to the reasons independent of us, to keep pace with the common event coordinated by the City Council of Skierniewice, we will postpone the Railway Night of Museums to 14th May.

Muzealnictwo kolejowe w Austrii, parowozownia Wiedeń Strasshoff

Another change is more positive and regards adding new event on 7th May – the Evening in the Shed. At 8PM we would like to invite you to the presentation by Dr Ariel Ciechański and the accompanying discussion regarding the approach to organizing railway museums – a choice between modern and genuine. The meeting will be a part of the Educational Workshop sponsored by BZ WBK Foundation.


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