The end of the year on the railway signalling exhibition

It is a high time to sum up our achievements also in the field of saving the railway signalling and traffic control equipment in 2020.

The first major project started at the very beginning of the year was the complete overhaul of the points machine manufactured by VES in 1950’s. The device was waiting for a longer time for its turn in renovation. After assembling and connecting it to the power frame it appeared that both its electrical and mechanical part if in full working order. Still, the general look of the machine left a lot to be desired so we ended up completely disassembling it, stripping of old paint and repainting. We expected to finish on time to show the results to the visitors of the Shed during the first Open Days. Unfortunately, the pandemic limits forced us to close the exhibition to the public till the end of the season.

Napęd zwrotnicowy VES przed renowacją Sprzęgło napędu zwrotnicowego przygotowane do malowania Zmontowane sprzęgło napędu zwrotnicowego Napęd zwrotnicowy VES po montażu

As we already started laying around the power frame, we found plenty of surprises inside the electromechanical interlocking. The frame spend most of its life as a training aid in the railway school and was full of makeshift electrical connections and broken or missing parts. One of our colleagues, experienced in the maintenance and repairs of this type of devices, took over the pain-sticking task of rewiring of the whole frame.

Nastawnica suwakowa w trakcie remontu Nastawnica suwakowa w trakcie remontu

Another area of our efforts was the expansion of our collection of railway light signals. We divided our attention between the distant signal and the light stripe for a five-aspect signal. The repainting and initial assembly of the distant signal began a year ago during the volunteers camp. The next step was building a proper metal stand for the heavy signal. After fixing the signal upright, the further work went smoothly and in the mid-August the signal displayed for the first time the “expect stop” aspect. The light stripe (a subsidiary light indicating higher speed on diverging route) was a much modest affair, however it is a much needed addition to our five aspect semaphore. We intend that in the near future both signals will be connected to the relay interlocking allowing us to show the full succession of signals along the route: the distant signal, the home signal and the exit signal.

Malowanie elementów sygnalizatorów Sygnalizator z pasem świetlnym Tarcza ostrzegawcza w trakcie montażu Tracza ostrzegawcza

This was not the end of our adventure with light signals. We got back to the long forgotten renovation of a dwarf signal, which for many years was used as a barraging signal on track № 1 in front of the roundhouse. Unfortunately, the late-Autumn lock-down forced us to abandon for now this project like a couple of other started renovations (lock frame and points lantern). Still, we hope that as soon as the snow starts thawing we can get back to work to, hopefully, show the new exhibits during the next years season.

Sygnalizator karzełkowy Podstawa i skrzynia zależności nastawnicy kluczowej Latarnia i napęd zwrotnicowy typu VES

Below you can find a couple of snapshots from our work during 2020:

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