Summing up track works in 2020


First days of December were simultaneously the last days of track works planned for 2020. Our round-the-year efforts were possible thanks to the financial support of the city of Skierniewice in the amount of 20000 PLN.

The works started with the first warm days, on 7th March 2020 but due to the global situation had to be immediately halted. Nevertheless, we were able to kick-off the repairs of the rapidly deteriorating track №18 in front of the roundhouse. Due to the lock-down measures, repairs were continued by a contractor until end of April when our volunteers joined in and carried out the repairs till the end of July.

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During the summer holidays, we focused on track № 11 in front of the roundhouse. Despite the scorching heat, we managed to complete the work before the beginning of the school year.

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11_07 11_06 20200820_143320


Simultaneously, we took care of track № 77 which abruptly ends in front of the turntable. To allow for safe shunting, we decided to place a historical buffer stop on its end. First works were completed with help of scouts from the Łodź Scouts Regiment “Bambaju” during their stay on the shed’s premises. Later in the year we prepared the track surface for the buffer stop, including replacement of ties and a fresh layer of ballast. The buffer stop itself required some minor metalworking and rust-proofing before, finally, being fixed to the rails.

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77_013 77_016 77_020
77_017 77_018

Task Adaptation of historical objects of Skierniewice engine shed for museum and cultural events supported by

Urząd Miasta Skierniewice

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