Summing up our participation in Here I live, here I change programme


On 19th November 2018 the Foundation of Santander Bank Polska anounced the results of the grant competition Here I live, here I change and supported us with a grant of 5000 PLN for the project Volunteers helping in renovation of the historic Engine Shed in Skierniewice. First activities of this project started in spring 2019 when the weather conditions become more favourable. The activities could be divided into two groups – the upkeep of the Shed’s surroundings and securing the facilities against vandalism.


Most of the clean-up jobs was completed during the Volunteers Camps taking place over the summer vacations. The clean-up required removing the residue left after the roof repairs inside the roundhouse in the vicinity of stands № 13 to № 15. Volunteers also continued the clean-up of the cola storage started last year.


Every second weekend we worked on extending the fence dividing the tracks of line leading to Łowicz from the tacks of the Shed. Thanks to the project we managed to build a section of 40 meters of the most vulnerable area close to the turntable. As a result the area is secured against unauthorized access, and prevents both intruders and the visitors of the Shed from crossing the busy station tracks, also it improved the access to the broad-gauge engine class Ty23-273 standing on display in this area.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Foundation of Santander Bank Polska for supporting our activities.


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