Rolling stock repairs


Throughout 2019 along the major building projects in the shed we continued two significant repair of the rolling stock. The first one was regarding the flat car from 1912. Originally the car was build by Ringhofferove zavody in Prague as an open car for Košice – Bohumín Railway. Over the years the car was re-purposed several times and significantly altered in its construction. Fro some time we planned to bring the car back to the running condition. The first stage of repair planned for 2019 required sand-blasting and painting with anti-corrosive paint. Next was a thorough inspection of the running parts and small repairs of the chassis. The undercarriage has been painted in the final coat of black paint. Last stage was the preparation of the planks to cover the floor of the car and its sides. The works will be continued in spring.


Another vehicle undergoing repairs is shunting diesel engine class Ls60-143. It is one of the few shunting engines in our collection in a running condition. Despite this fact the external state of the paint job was rapidly deteriorating due to the neglect by previous owner. After partial disassembly of the engine cowl and securing all of the moving parts, the whole bodywork was sandblasted, painted with anti-corrosive primer and covered with the first layer of the target livery. The next stage planned for spring 2020 will be final painting and the necessary repair to the undercarriage.

Next year we also plan to resume the reconstruction of the beer refrigerator car.

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