Recollection of Paulina Sasin


Paulina Sasin was born on 2nd December 1992. She grew up and studied in Białystok and despite her young age she was a recognizable person in this town. She was a very active member and key person of many non-profit organizations among which a worth noting is the local branch of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and affiliated Associatin for Improving the World. Paulina was sensitive not only to the fate of people but also this of animals – she was a key member of “Wegestok”, a local branch of Foundation “Viva! Action for Animals”. In last years, she visited also the Engine Shed in Skierniewice, to which she devoted much of her work and hearth – no matter, if she was engaged in renovation works or was organizing activities for children during open days. During the last meeting with one of PARE members, back in Białystok in December 2016, she was planning new activities for Children’s Day in 2017. Soon later we were shocked to learn about her death. Paulina passed away on 27th December 2016 at the age of 24. Today we would like to say goodbye to her with this recollection…


Back in 2010 (or was it 2009?) we met for the first time. First warm days of the year forecast a good tourist season. The plans for the beginning were simple – a renovation of interiors of former dispatcher office, our current social area. Despite a long travel, Paula got to work immediately. With her persistence she made a bunch of guys in different age ashamed. Especially, we learned that she put lot of effort in everything she does despite the illness – diabetes. After dirty renovation works, Paula engaged into more artistic activities. The unique, colourful paintings on lockers in dressing room introduced a little unbridled change in the well ordered and grey world of railway. The smile was always on her face, each time she visited us and was glad to help. Volunteering, especially in railway fan organization, was not a common thing at that time so her devotion was very encouraging. We then learned that Engine Shed is one among countless initiatives in which she took part. Still her main area of activity was a home city of Białystok. The last time we met in Skierniewice was the Children’s Day in 2014, Paula’s favourite event when she organized activities for children.


Later, a tight schedule prevented Paula to visit us. Engaged in plenty of non-profit activity she functioned outside of a slow pace of Shed’s life. We wish that we had the opportunity to met you more often during those last years. When we last met face to face, we said each other the ordinary “See you later”. We exchanged a couple of ideas on Facebook regarding a large mural and new paintings on the lockers. Some further plans right after New Year, but not now due to Christmas rush… Unfortunately, we will not accomplish those plans together. Death took her away to fast to even properly say good-bye.

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Paulina, thank you very much for those couple of years when with each visit you left a bit of your hearth and work at the Shed. Thank you and see you later…


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