Flat-tax payers, remember about us!

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The end of January is the time for tax settlement for flat-tax payers. Therefore, we would already like to remind you to support us with your 1% of income tax.

Why would you support our organisation in particular? Because we invest each received penny in saving the railway heritage and history, many times multiplying the received money by using it as initial capital for further grants. This way in 2016 we:

  • received 28 424,13 PLN from 1% of income tax;
  • carried out roof repairs supported by grants from Ministry of Culture and Heritage (90 000PLN), Łódź Voivodeship Conservationist (25 000 PLN) and sponsorship of Bank Spółdzielczy from Skierniewice (3500 PLN);
  • started reconstruction of roundhouse’s skylight thanks to grant from Ministry of Culture (100 000 PLN) and sponsorship of Freightliner PL (more than 12 000 PLN).

Additionally, thanks to the money from 1% of income tax and support of National Heritage Board and City Council of Skierniewice we:

  • carried out track works on the most worn-out sections;
  • organized four-part volunteer camp for all those who wanted to help us during summer holidays in upkeep of Engine Shed and rolling stock repair works;
  • organized technical workshops for youth;
  • continued renovation of rolling stock: beer refrigerator car and steam engine class Ol49-4.

What will we do with the support from 1% of income tax in 2017? Similarly to previous years, we will use it as initial capital for grants for buildings renovation, specifically to finish the roof repairs and skylight reconstruction on roundhouse. We also want to continue the work by the class Ol49-4 and beer reefer.

To support us, remember to put on your PIT tax form our id KRS 0000216091 and amount of support. On behalf of the saved railway heritage we would like to thank you even for the modest support.


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