Recollection of Jerzy Jasiuk, the director of Museum of Technology

At noon, on 3rd July 2017 at Old Powązki Cemetery we paid respect to late Jerzy Jasiuk – for many years the director of Warsaw-based Museum of Technology. He died in a fatal accident on 25th December 2016. We lost a great friend of our association, a great propagator of science, enjoying well deserved respect, devoted to the case of rescuing of technical heritage. Well remembered for his broad knowledge regarding famous constructors and their inventions, sharing his knowledge e.g. during his own radio programmes.


Jerzy Jasiuk, BEng (1932-2016) – graduate of department of land construction at Technical University of Warsaw. For more than half of his life he was involved in conservation of historical objects, mostly the technical and industrial heritage. For 40 years he was a director of Museum of Technology, which he dreamt of becoming a facility of national rank. Thanks to his initiative, many historical objects were saved for future generations and became branches of the Museum; just to name the a few: Chlewiska, Nowa Słupia, Sielpia in Zagłebie Staropolskie, defunct factory Norblina in Warsaw. During his time, the Museum of Technology significantly expanded and grew in number of exhibits and unique collections.

The Museum was not the only area of his activity. One need to mention his well prepared and interesting lectures and discussions many times broadcast over radio, regarding the history of technology and inventions.

History of technology was not the only area of interest of Mr Jasiuk. To our surprise he once described to us a broad collection of easter eggs created by his wife, but which he actually started. Over 1400 meticulously decorated small exhibits from different parts of the world are now a highlight of the ethnographic collection of Agriculture Museum in Ciechanowiec. Mrs Irena Stasiewicz-Jasiuk always underlined that the collection started from a single easter egg given to her by her husband in late 1960s, during their engagement period.

Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts will remember Mr Jasiuk with great respect and warmth. When the Association was being established 30 years ago, a recommendation letters were an invaluable aid. One of such letters was prepared by Mr Jasiuk. It was not the end of his involvement. He was lively interested in our activity, visited us on many occasions admiring the collection and the preserved buildings. He was a great authority for us – in many important matters we sought his advice. We will not forget the meetings in Museum of Technology meeting room, over a cup of tea, during which we discussed the matters important for Skierniewice Engine Shed. Discussions were ranging from the matter of illegal export of historical railway equipment, unrecognised value of railway heritage, lack of knowledge in this area among conservationists and, finally, the procedure of taking over the Shed…

The last time we met Mr Jasiuk, he was in a totally different role – during the All Souls Day collection. Namely, Mr Jasiuk was a member of Conservation Committee of Old Powązki Cemetery.

We lost a noble, humble, and open man, well respected for his knowledge and service to the technical heritage.

During the funeral of Mr Jerzy Jasiuk a letter from deputy prime minister and Secretary of Culture and national Heritage, Mr Piotr Gliński, was read. Part of the letter mentioned that current Museum of Technology will continue its existence as National Museum of Technology, led by Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Ministry of Eductation and city of Warsaw. It seems that the dream of Mr Jasiuk has finally come true…

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