Anniversary walk along the alleys of Old Powązki


On 14th June we invited all the interested to the traditional meeting by the grave of WVR builder, Stanisław Wysocki and subsequent walk along the alleys of Old Powązki cemetery.

The idea of June meetings by the grave of Stanisław Wysocki (1805-1868) originated in 1985 on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of Establishing the Warsaw-Vienna Railroad. On that year, the grave of the pioneer of polish railway engineering, the head-builder of WVR, was renovated for the first time. After several years it was suggested to extended the meeting with a walk during which the participants will have the opportunity to visit the graves of other people connected to different railways. The “Warsaw-Vienna” route is followed the most often. On 150th anniversary of Warsaw-Saint Petersburg Railway we searched for graves of builder of this railway. A separate walks were organized on the occasion of 25th anniversary of PARE, 140th anniversary of Warsaw Railway School and in search of graves of artists connected to railway.

17-06-14-st-pow-fot-marek-moczulski-2 17-06-14-st-pow-fot-marek-moczulski-5

The theme of this year’s walk were the people important in development and history of railway engines – engineers, constructors, inventors, including one of the first polish railway engineers – Leon Miaskowski – who on 14th June 1845 led one of the opening trains on Warsaw-Vienna Railroad.

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