Funds for the renovation of the pump house

Pompownia z kominem

We observed the latest results of allocations of funds for historical objects with a bit of anxiety. Our last-minute application was appreciated by the Council of Łódź Voivodeship, which assigned us with the amount of 26 250 PLN for the task Revitalization and adaptation to museum of Skierniewice Engine Shed – emergency repairs of the historical pump house from 1880 (2nd phase). We are really glad to receive the funding as this is one of the oldest parts of the Shed, additionally in a bad need of a quick repair due to its deteriorating state. The total cost of the task is 42 thousand PLN, which will be fully devoted to the rebuild of completely devastated roof of this building. Additionally, this part of the Shed will stop repelling when observed from the side of the park and Łupia river.

As we still need to collect the remaining starting capital for renovation works, we would like to remind all those, who have not yet settled their tax reports, to support us with their 1% of income tax.


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