At last the whole engine shed is ours!


20th April 2017 was a historical day for our Association. On this Thursday, after 4 PM, President of City Skierniewice, Mr Krzysztof Jażdżyk has signed the notarial deed of the last part of Engine Shed area. In this way, 25 years of efforts have resulted in success.

Everything started in 1992, when we requested to the Central Railway District if our small (at that time) collection can be moved to Skierniewice. In response, a day before Christmas Eve, during the meeting with headmaster of the District, Mr Janusz Luks, we were offered the possibility to take over the whole Shed as it was going to be defunct. The offer was so surprising, that we needed two weeks to think over the proposition – eventually we agreed to it. In retrospective, the decision brought us a lot of new challenges, but there is nothing to regret. Skierniewice Shed exists till today and still serves to the public, however now in totally new form.


Of course, our consent was not enough to own the facility. After ten years of fighting with bureaucracy, with great help of many organizations (just to mention the Ministry of Transportation, Łódź Voivode, board of State Railways) and effort of local authorities lead by a late President of Skierniewice Ryszard Bogusz – we became an owner of the main part of the shed in November 2002. At that time we were donated with 95% of the area. Unfortunately, due to unexpected changes in 1990’s in city’s surveying partition, a matter of the remaining 5% of the land with the old office house was still open. Solution was to be awaited for the next couple of years. The ownership of this built-up area was transferred to voivodeship authorities, who finally decided to donate the area to PARE. After last formalities, we become the true owners of the whole area of the Shed.

Święto Kolejarza 2013, pojazd techniczny Unimog

Of course the new building and its surroundings is not only a costly present. For us, this is a new challenge and commitment for the local community, and area for new stage of repair works. The office building was left unused, but protected against vandals, since 1991. At that time the last part of the Shed’s offices was moved to a temporary location. The building itself was left locked and unused, waiting for the new owners. The passing years left a trace on it. For example the building is in a bad need of a roof works (fixing of roof tiles has to be conducted even this year). Next is the fixing of deteriorated plumbing and electricity and adaptation of the rooms.

Nevertheless, now we are free to carry out all works needed. We would like to express our gratitude to the City Council of Skierniewice, the authorities of Łódź Voivodeship and all those, who contributed to the successful final of this case.

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