What’s new at the railway signalling exhibition?

Postreunek odstępowy, tabliczka wytwórni na aparacie blokowym

The end of may appeared quite fruitful for the crew taking care for our exhibition of railway signalling and traffic control.

First of all, we reached the final stage of the general overhaul of the block post lever frame. We started with repainting the block instrument from the initial bright green colour to a little more toned down. The initial colour was correct from the stand point of modern regulations, but has little to do with the historical practice. Simultaneously, we composed a complete palette, which will save us time when looking for the correct paint during the next renovation. A separate activity was taking place away from the Shed at the home workshop of our volunteer. All plates and small painted indicators were brought back to their former glory. Finally, we performed the most pleasant part which was assembling the whole lever frame into one piece, crowned when the manufacturers plate was attached back into its place. There is still a couple of bits left to finish like the reconstruction of electric circuits and assembly of the wooden panel of the block instrument. Still we are already inspecting which of the other exhibits should be taken care of in the first place.

Postreunek odstępowy, malowanie aparatu blokowego Postreunek odstępowy, malowanie aparatu blokowego Postreunek odstępowy, montaż aparatu blokowego
Postreunek odstępowy, tabliczki blokowe, zastawek i dźwigni Postreunek odstępowy, finał prac Postreunek odstępowy, tabliczka wytwórni na ławie dźwigniowej

We also should mention the improvements of the didactic value of the exhibition. Last year, we have prepared a set of information boards which in the meantime were aesthetically framed. Now we found some time to attach them close to the relevant exhibits to make it easier for the visitors to understand the inner workings of each of the devices.

Tablice dydaktyczne na wystawie USRK Tablice dydaktyczne na wystawie USRK Tablice dydaktyczne na wystawie USRK

Meeting at the Old Powązki


PARE and the PKP Group’s Foundation would like to invite all the interested to participate in the 35th meeting at the Old Powązki Cemetery on the occasion of the 174th anniversary of opening the first section of Warsaw-Vienna Railway. The meeting will take place on 14th June and start by the grave of Stanisław Wysocki (1805 – 1868), the main designer and engineer of the Railway. Next the participants will take a tour along the graves of famous people related with railways. The tour will be led by Marek Moczulski. We meet at the St. Onorata’s gate at 2PM.

Children’s Day in the Engine Shed


The Saturday on 1st June was fully devoted to the youngest railway fans on the occasion of the Children’s Day. During that day 693 guests visited our shed.

Visitors could see our collection of the historic railway stock displayed along the sightseeing route inside and outside the roundhouse. The exhibition of railway signalling and traffic control was also open to the public.

dsc_0032 dsc_0007


Our new attractions also found some interest among the visitors: the exhibition of photographs by Zbyszek Gradowski Railways in Skierniewice and, especially popular among the young guests, garden railway. At the stand of the biggest Polish goods transportation company, PKP Cargo S.A. kids could participate in various competitions with prizes and have their face painted. The PKP Group’s Foundation promoted the safety crossing action and at its own stand the Bolimów Landscape Park invited the potential visitors.

img_1583 dsc_0012


For years now PKP PLK S.A. is joining us during the Children’s Day. This time the company arrived with the road-rail vehicle Uniroll from the railway emergency services. The modern vehicle was joined by his older counterpart, Unitarpan, belonging to a railway fan from Lubelszczyzna. A patrol car represented another branch of PLK, the Railway Guards. Officers provided short lectures regarding the safety on the railway areas.

dsc_0014 dsc_0015

Łodź Agglomeration Railway prepared also for this event its special offer allowing the guests of the Shed to return for free to their original departure point. The Atmosfera pizza house made sure that none of the guests stayed hungry.

Many thanks to our guests, partners and volunteers for participating in this successful event.

Invitation to the photo day


We would like to invite all interested to yet another Photo Day in Engine Shed on 15th June. From 12PM to 3PM the Shed is open exclusively to all enthusiasts who would like to focus on photography, undisturbed by the crowds of tourists.

Registration of participants at the entrance till 12:30PM. Free admission!